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Top iOS Apps for Social Media Aficionados on Freepps Top Blog

The world of technology is ever-changing. Every year, we get new breakthroughs, inventions, and products that influence our lives in some way. However, for every new development, there are many others like it that fail to catch on, become popular, or simply do not work well. 

Many said this would happen to social media services, but they have proved to be the most resilient of all. 

Millions of mobile users today can’t imagine their lives without social media, and the number of “socialites” keeps growing as more people adopt the web. 

If you love social media in all of its forms or are a newcomer to this long-lasting trend, we’d like to offer you a set of great iOS social media apps you probably haven’t heard of before.

AIR Social Keyboard

Accessing and engaging social media with AIR Keyboard

This application gives you quick and easy access to numerous social media features, as well as additional utilities that boost your networking skills. 

This tool is optimized for use with a number of services, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Tumblr. Overcoming restraints like the 140 character tweet limit is no problem with AIR Social keyboard since it can convert any text or message you like into an image ready for posting. 

The users are also given a greater freedom in editing pictures, text and other content, working with hashtags, expressions, and original branding, as well as connecting with their contacts in unique ways.


Scheduling social media posts with HootSuite

HootSuite is an app for the busiest of social media users – specifically those who work with multiple accounts simultaneously. Some people register multiple pages and profiles to stay anonymous, some divide them based on personal or work activity, others just want to reap certain benefits. 

Whatever your motive for using multiple accounts is, you can now do this with stunning simplicity on Google Plus, Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn, WordPress, Twitter, and others. 

Apart from the main multi-management service, HootSuite also allows you to schedule when posts are published, keeping your friends and followers’ feeds buzzing even when you are not able to post content yourself.


Managing business relationships with Cloze

Although the use of social media in business is still a new(ish) practice, we have already been treated to some great and practical solutions, among which is Cloze

At first glance, it would seem that Cloze just provides you with a stream of posts and activity from the people, accounts, and groups you follow on social networks, but the truth is far more impressive. 

It goes without saying that businessmen love to keep things organized and save time by reading a comprehensive feed like the one provided by Cloze, but they are offered even more by the app – a tracker of sorts for your professional and personal relationships. 

Based on your activity, Cloze analyzes which people and accounts are the most important to you, and adjusts your feed so that you see cherry-picked content instead of sifting through numerous irrelevant and unimportant posts.

Make Your Own Meme

Creating hilarious images is easy with Make Your Own Meme

If you were baffled and somewhat incredulous when you saw a meme for the first time, you are not alone. 

What started as a crude trend among young cyber users has taken the world by storm, and many of us cannot imagine surfing the web without the presence of these images, messages, and colorful macros today. 

Even if you have knowledge on a limited number of memes or find many of them tasteless, you probably have a set of memes you like to see and use. 

Make Your Own Meme helps you take a more proactive approach in sharing your ideas through memes by giving you the tools to create your own. 

The app features a wide variety of macros and popular images you can edit and caption to your liking, and after the process wraps up, you’ll easily share your creations with everybody.


 Arranging artful stories with Storehouse

The stories we get to see and contemplate in movies often leave us inspired and emotionally touched. 

Over the span of several hours, we usually get to see plenty of events in characters’ life portrayed beautifully, and there is probably a large portion of movie watchers who wish their life could by more like a movie. 

Although it will not ensure that your biography is made into a blockbuster, the Storehouse app will arrange the photos and videos from your life events into crafty stories. 

Not only does Storehouse create gorgeous collages, but it also collects records of your brightest memories and presents them in an organic form, not unlike cinema storytelling.


Staying too long on social media should no longer be a problem

As much as social media can be necessary, it can also be addicting. If you find yourself browsing social media for hours more than you would like, you can benefit from the Moment app. 

The first major function of the app is measuring how much time you spend on your mobile device every day. This includes information about how many times you picked up your device to send messages or peruse your news feed, how your activity changes from day to day, and possibly even data on your friends and loved ones’ activity. 

If looking at statistics is not enough to make you change your habits, you can also set limits on your app use.

Socialize Yourself 

Social media is a part of our modern world that extends far beyond our favorite messaging and photo-sharing apps, and the programs featured in this article are a testament to that. 

In one way or another, all of them help you better manage your time on social media and get more than you are initially offered out of these services.

What's your favorite social app? Share it in the comments!

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