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Playing videos on Android requires just an app that can play them. Of course, there is always a default player, but if it was that good, there wouldn’t have been such a flood of third-party ones, paid or free. Well, still there are leaders beyond any doubt.

It was no problem to select the most popular video player apps for Android. They all do their main job of playing videos as good as it gets. 

But it seems more interesting to highlight their key features as reasons why they still coexist on the top. So we will concentrate on their unique features. And since all of them are unique, they’ll be listed alphabetically, with one exception.


Use the BSPlayer, Luke!

If you store a large collection of videos locally on your smartphone or tablet, BS Player will be the most suitable one. Its library seems the easiest to manage among all players and allows speedy searching. It can play videos from your local storage, OTG, cloud folders, or network servers.

But the greatest advantage of this video player is its optimized hardware acceleration. BSPlayer will run your videos smoothly but it will take less battery resources than most other players would use up. 

So the chances your phone won’t run out of power before the movie ends are much better with BSPlayer.

Optional features also include gesture control, adjustable opening mode, either from the beginning or from the moment you have stopped it the last time and subtitle support. And if you like changing designs and skins of your apps, there’s much to play with.


I am your favorite video, so bookmark me, or!

The most attractive feature of this player is a floating video screen that lets you keep watching videos while composing a letter or reading a web page. Of course, it will take a screen with an impressive definition (at least Full HD) to enjoy this mode. But the size of the window is adjustable so you can set it up the way you like it.

Another great option of KMP is the built-in library with bookmarking that lets you mark videos as favorites. While most videos are meant for watching just once, sometimes it’s useful to have quick access, for example, when you run a presentation from your mobile device, promote your own video or just want to re-watch it with your friends. 

These videos can be stored locally or on Google Drive, and it only takes a stable connection to stream them smoothly.

There is also a good feature of adjusting playback speed.

The only problem this player may cause is a necessity to install third-party audio codecs. They may be not included due to license issues.


Nostalgically simple

If you still keep that sweet nostalgia about Android 2.x era with its simple and clear interfaces, you may prefer MoboPlayer to all alternatives. Its developers concentrated on its functionality. So you can search for online videos from within Mobo, scan your local library, open any videos from the generated list and so on.

Like some other ones, this player supports the floating window mode though some videos might require decoding before being played like that. And if its interface doesn’t satisfy you, you still have some options to adjust it.

Unfortunately, many video formats require software decoding with this player, so it may lack productivity.

MX Player

When you stare at MX Player, it stares back at you

Oh, this one seems like a leader considering all the aspects. It has special editions for different hardware (including the rare Tegra 3, exotic x86, ancient, dusty ARMv6 and even prehistoric ARMv5), so it will extract maximum power from your CPUs and GPUs. 

Yes, you’ll have to do a bit of work manually at the beginning, but it will pay as you start using it.

The rest just works, and does so extremely well. You just have to select the right version for your device. MX Player supports most of the current video file types, it’s easy to control with intuitive gestures, with no need to explain how to zoom, scroll, adjust volume or brightness.

The free version has some ads but they don’t interfere when you’re watching the video and appear on pause only. Yes, you can buy a Pro version with no ads. But there are better ways a mobile video fan can spend a dozen bucks as we’ve stated below.

VLC Player

The logo you will recognize

This Korean player has been the king on PCs for a long time. Now it’s available on Android as well and it has all it takes to be king up here. Its feature load is so impressive that it’s easier to point out its distinctive traces.

It’s versatile, so you can use it as your default audio player. And it has its own equalizer, library, playlists support and everything a player should have. Of course, you can hardly find a video file that can’t be opened with VLC.

It plays local videos as well as remote ones from cloud services. You can control video playback with gestures like in MX player though it takes a powerful device to react as smoothly as the most flexible MX. Let alone old ARMv6 devices, you can’t even walk these dinosaurs with VLC. But there is a special version for Android TV and media consoles.


Yes, it DOES play videos!

Well, this app has the most unexpected feature: it’s a video player for those who don’t need a video player app at all. In fact it’s a photo gallery that has an extra feature of playing videos. If you do it from time to time only and don’t need an advanced one, this app will certainly do well. Maybe you already have it installed but have never thought of it as a video player.

Its controls system is similar to MX Player's, it supports both onscreen buttons and gestures. Its features may be enough for video fans with no special demands.

Another great thing about QuickPic is its own free cloud that you can expand up to 5 GB by referring new users. It’s meant for storing your photos first of all, and we couldn’t make it save our videos there, but it works with other clouds like Google Drive.

Pro versions and material alternatives

When speaking of free apps we should always keep in mind that most of them have a paid pro version with more services. Sometimes it’s reasonable to pay for extras. But you always have an alternative option of buying some tangible item that will add some comfort to your experience.

  1. Google Cardboard. With this DIY piece, you can have a great experience of watching 3D videos or “theatrical” action with regular 2D movies on a virtual large screen. Both options require special apps that are available for free. And the price of the simplest DIY Cardboard VR is below $5. Just a bit more than KM Player PRO or your Starbucks shot.
  2. A tripod with a versatile holder. This kind of accessories is meant for you to place your phone on the table or any surface at the most suitable angle and watch videos without holding your device.  A cheap set will cost you about the same $5.
  3. Good earphones. You don’t need a Hi-Fi pair to enjoy videos, and if you’re a music addict you may already have a whole collection. Today’s oriental vendors offer fantastic price/quality ratios, so you can select a decent pair even in below $10 range. Anyway, these will be better than the ones most vendors put in their boxes.
  4. A power bank. It will add you several hours of watching videos. Even lightweight and small 2500 mAh ones almost double your smartphone’s life. Yes, good apps like BSPlayer matter too, but you can get much further with a good app and a power bank then you can with a good app alone.

Any of these items will make your mobile video experience much better.

What's your favorite video app? Share it in the comments!

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