Totally Doable: iPhone’s LED Flash to Indicate Notifications

Totally Doable: iPhone’s LED Flash to Indicate Notifications on Freepps Top Blog
It may sound ridiculous, but for a reason iPhones don’t have a visible indicator to signal that a new notification has arrived. Taking into consideration that it’s not an issue of vital significance, we could just accept this. Still, there are such things as ringtone and vibration for this purpose. Nevertheless, when you are, for instance, in a noisy room it would be great to get to know that someone was trying to reach you.

It’s a little hidden feature among other settings available. In fact, originally it was designed for users with hearing problems but almost anyone will find such an opportunity a very handy one.

All you need to do is to follow these steps:
1. Launch the Settings application.
2. Choose the General tab.
3. Tap on the Accessibility tab.
4. Find the Hearing section.
5. Enable an LED Flash for Alerts function (make it a green one).
6. Put your iPhone face down and wait for notifications.

Follow the Way of Settings

Unfortunately, you won’t find any additional settings for further customization. As a standard option, the flash will be glowing all the time until you answer an incoming call. Otherwise, users will be able to identify text messages and other notifications by the three quick flashes.

Furthermore, you should be aware of the fact that the LED brightness can’t be adjusted, too; so, even a short blip will be noticeable to others, especially in a dark room or in the cinema. Besides, someone may think that you’re taking a photo of him and may become angry or irritated. That’s why use this function carefully and exercise your own judgement. Repeat the same steps if you feel like you’ve had enough of it.

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