Trendy iOS Apps You Can Snatch for Free

Trendy iOS Apps You Can Snatch for Free on Freepps Top Blog

When we compare smartphones and other cellular devices, one of the main differences that come to mind is apps.

If it were not for a range of programs and applications, smartphones would hardly be more than well-designed and quickly discharging devices for calls and messages. 

However, they are valued so much more because of the apps they host, and apps are often the very thing that attracts new users.

Unfortunately, these programs do not always come free, and downloading just a few paid apps can already leave a mark in your budget.

On the other hand, this will not be a problem if you opt for the apps in this list since they are now free for you to download and install.


Parkbook appParkbook App

If you live in a big city, you are probably familiar with the concrete jungles we like to call parking lots. Leaving your car in an area surrounded by hundreds of others can make walking to your destination no quick errand, but it also leads to one of the drivers’ biggest gripes – finding their car when they return to the parking lot.

This is where the ParkBook application comes in. It employs a multitude of methods and technologies to help you find your car, including making notes and voice recordings about its surroundings, GPS tagging, and marking of zones. Just recently, this app cost $0.99 but is now available for free. Hurry up and take advantage of this opportunity!

Photo Flashback – find any photos by date

Flashback appPhoto Flashback app

If you take a lot of photos every single day, it’s quite easy to forget what you have stored on your device. With the help of the Photo Flashback app, you can view the photos that you keep on your iPhone, iPad or iCloud on a certain date throughout the years.

You can delete or favorite the photos from the app, share the images using the built-in system, and receive notifications every time you get Flashback photos. The Photo Flashback app will certainly help you remember about memorable moments in your life.

Benjamin Afterburner

Benjamin Afterburner game

When it comes to flying planes, the closest most of us get is playing with action figures and miniaturized models in our childhood.  The Benjamin Afterburner game allows you to relive the dogfights and crazy flying maneuvers of your childhood, but with a lot more visualization and beautiful graphics.

This game is set in the fictional Benjamin Jet universe and allows players to complete many aerial missions of piloting, fighting, and upgrading your aircraft.

There is no shame in playing this game, because people of all ages love picturing themselves in the role of a fighter pilot, and Benjamin Afterburner provides this opportunity.

Until recently, this app was available for $19.99, but the price tag has now miraculously disappeared!

All of these apps can be a great addition to your collection, serving you in your daily life, performing niche functions, and simply bringing you entertainment.

Given their practical value, it’s amazing that they’ve been offered for free with no strings attached, but there is no telling how the price will change in the future or whether the app will be available at all, so it’s a very sound advice to get them sooner rather than later.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to reach out to us in the comment section.!

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    5 years ago
    Photo Flashback seems really useful for me - sometimes it's really difficult to find an old photo - I have to remember what happened when and so on) Plus, it'll be smth like history of photos, so I'll try it.
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