Tricks To Uncover Full Spotify Potential

Tricks To Uncover Full Spotify Potential on Freepps Top Blog

For those who aren't aware, Spotify is one of the best and the most popular existing music streaming services with access to several millions of audio tracks. It has released free mobile apps for all the major mobile platforms.

The only drawback of them is that you can’t listen to a particular song on your smartphone while tablets support this option but the whole playlists and artists’ collections.

Additional features are also offered by Spotify for your money in the form of a $9.99/month subscription. The Premium version includes offline music listening, on-demand song playback, sharing playlists, and the ads-free user experience.

It’s an easy-to-use tool with a plenty of features, some of which, though, may be unknown to the majority of users, who haven’t gone deeply into the app functionality. So, let’s have a quick look at them.

Discover Weekly Playlists

Discover Weekly Playlists Option

The team of developers has presented Discover Weekly Playlists, which are made up of a user’s music preferences and presented to him every Monday. The songs you’ve been listened to recently are complemented by other related to them and are generated automatically without any user interference. Though, if you haven’t heard your personalized playlist until the Monday morning, you won’t have such a chance anymore as it will be replaced by a new one.

One may find these playlists via following the way Menu - Browse - Discover. Then, you’ll have to look through the recommendations and tap “Play” to start playback.

Integration with Shazam

Connect Your Spotify and Shazam Accounts

If you wish, you can connect your Spotify and Shazam accounts for getting more benefits. Being launched, the song-identifying application will show you an arrow next to “Play”, which relates to the song that was successfully identified. Tapping it activates a menu with the Spotify enlisted in it. Choosing this option allows adding the audio file to a personal library in a few seconds.

Playlists for Every Mood

Spotify Music offers also the mood-based search for perfect music. Within the app, you may find tracks for a whole range of feelings experienced by you at this very moment. Users should only tap the icon located in the upper left part of the app screen and then choose “Moments” and the mood. The last steps are to select a playlist and plunge into the world of music with the songs matching your current situation.


Preview Option for iOS Version

Searching for the Playlist on iOS via Preview Option

Although Spotify has released mobile applications for different operating systems, their functionalities aren’t always the similar ones. For example, being an iOS device owner provides you with an opportunity to see the contents of playlists without actually opening them. You only need to tap on the playlist title and hold it to see the first 5 audio files.

Sliding over images activates songs’ quick preview. It’s always true for the playlists pre-made by Spotify. This option will be especially handy for users who havea tendency to give the playlists almost identical or very general names like “New Music 2” or “Favorites”.

3D Touch Quick Actions

The lucky owners of the temporarily newest iPhone 6S and 6S+ can use a 3D Touch option as well for finding the recently opened audio tracks. Long pressing the Spotify app icon opens the Quick Action Menu, where you may start searching for the last 3 songs, albums, or playlists listened to. 

Travel with Spotify and Uber

Spotify Transmits Your Playlists to Your Uber Car

If you’re tired of that horrible music in the taxi, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Thanks to Spotify-Uber cooperation, now you have a chance to have an access to your own music that will be played back in the car. One will need to launch the Uber app, go to “Settings”, and tap “Connect Spotify”.

Entering the app credentials will be also required. An icon next to your driver’s profile will become active for you to choose the playlist of your own. 
Unfortunately, this won’t work out, if a driver isn’t Spotify-connected. Besides, this feature is a location specific; so, you’d better check the Uber app to get the appropriate information.

The Final Word

Of course, the functionality the of Premium version is wider, but we aimed to highlight only payment-free Spotify Music options.

Share your experience with us in the comments section.!

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