TubeLike iOS App Makes YouTube Your Music Library

TubeLike iOS App Makes YouTube Your Music Library on Freepps Top Blog

It’s become a common practice to use YouTube for hosting music files with a picture attached to make a formal video file.

There’s even more: while playing official videos you can distract from the visual part and concentrate on sounds. But still it has always been a secondary user case for primarily a video service.

The TubeLike app for iOS is a kind of reaction to this type of usage spreading. This app allows you to use YouTube as an audio streaming player.

Create your playlists manually or trust the Top 100 lists generated according to your location. Add songs to your favorites to create your local playlist.

TubeLike AppTubeLike App

The interface doesn’t look YouTubeish at all. Scrolling to find the track you need seems Tinder-inspired, and the common visual style looks like an iTunes spin-off.

The most important feature of TubeLike is playing in the background as a regular music player. If it’s not the videos that you need, why put it out on the screen? But if you still want to watch the videos with this TubeLike, then why not?

Last but not least, it can be used as a media center together with your Apple TV or other AirPlay device, so your iPhone of iPod becomes a versatile audio or video player, depending on what kind of media you need now.

The Pie You Should Try

TubeLike is tiny-sized and will save a lot of space of your iDevice, especially if it’s a 16 GB edition, due to streaming content instead of storing it.

Maybe the most important thing about TubeLike is it's being a good replacement for other music services. Why register on other platforms if YouTube already hosts all you need or most of it?

Have you used TubeLike? Share your experience in the comments!

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  • PB
    Peter Bruen
    2 years ago
    I been waiting for this
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  • G
    5 years ago
    finaly someone heard my voice i have been waiting for ages to get this kind of app. personaly i have issues with remembering name of song or soundtrack and usually find them in youtube therefore using this app i will not face this problem and goonna enjoy tons of sounds on the go with my smartphone
  • P
    5 years ago
    I use this application player when I have a desire to listen to music from youtube. Great app
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