Twitter For iOS Reviewed: A Little Bird Told Me

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Though Twitter is not the most popular social network service, it’s undoubtedly among the most influential ones. The length limitation has made it one of the most comfortable ways to share quick information, thoughts, quotes, links, and other types of data. And yes, the creators of Twitter were thinking mobile from the very start. That’s the reason why they limited the message length by 140 symbols: it’s a conventional SMS limitation.

Since Twitter appeared in 2006 it has become one of the Internet icons. Most celebrities have their private accounts on Twitter: media stars, politicians, athletes, scientists, even criminals and terrorist leaders.  Of course, there are millions of fans eager to be the first to read the first-hand news.

But even simple users can become Twitter stars or just share their lives and minds via Twitter. It doesn’t take much time or a high-speed connection to tweet some news. So Twitter is a great thing for the masses.


Every social media service has its specifics. Twitter’s is about briefness, quickness and handiness. It takes less than a minute to type your tweet and send it, even on a mobile device. 

The Twitter app for iOS has an elaborate interface split into four tabs. It looks a bit different on iPhone and iPad, and there’s an Apple Watch version, but the basics are the same.
Twitter ios

The first one is named Home and it shows your friends page. Read and scroll it to see what your friends write and share. You can reply to any tweet, share it, or like it straight from the stream page. Scroll it down endlessly to open earlier tweets. The tweets with photos and web links are displayed with a preview thumbnail. You can call out tweet options by long-tapping on it or using 3D Touch if you’re a happy owner of iPhone 6s. The options allow you to share the tweet, to send it via Direct Message, to block it by sending a complaint or to report it as an ad. Yes, the ads in Twitter should be approved.

The second tab is called Notifications. It displays everything concerning you. When someone subscribes to your microblog, or mentions you in his/her tweet, or replies to your tweet or reply, you get notified about that. If you are an active Twitter user this tab would be the most useful for you.

Using Twitter for private messaging seems a very strange idea as we have many more powerful services for that, including WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Facebook Messenger and others, but still this feature is available. The third tab is named Messages and displays your private messaging history.

Finally, the fourth one is named simply Me. It contains your profile information you can view or edit. You can see your avatar, brief profile, the history of your tweets including replies to other users’ tweets. Long tap on your own tweet brings out a bit different set of options. You can still send a tweet via Direct Message if you want to share it with someone certain, share via some other app it depends on the apps you have installed, but also you can delete your tweet permanently or pin it to your profile.

Of course, Apple Watch app is not that rich. It only notifies you about new tweets and allows you to comment, tweet, retweet or like posts. But that’s enough for most situations.
Twitter Moments Aggregates All the Important Stuff

Spread the 140

Whatever tab you select there are still two icons in the right upper corner. The first one, with a magnifying glass is meant for searching. The search system is very advanced in Twitter. To ease the navigation among billions of tweets you can type in your search words, or use hashtags or trends.

Hashtags, supported by most SNS, now start with # and have no blanks between words. Popular topics are often marked as hashtags by tweet’s authors. Trends are another Twitter tool meant for predicting the most popular searches. By opening Search page, you get a list of trends that contains the most popular words in your region.

If you want to write and share something you should use the second icon with a feather. You may just type your tweet as plain text with or without hashtags or add some media data. The pictograms below input field allow you to add your location (there’s no option of adding other locations), a picture from your camera or a video. By the way: you can edit your pics before sending and apply filters in an Instagram-like way. There’s also a button for adding a poll with multiple choices.

The app is intendedly designed to ease the tweeting process. No matter if you use any model of iPhone or iPad or even an Apple Watch. The interface has just a slight difference, but it’s enough to make the process the most convenient for any type of device.
Twitter for iOS

Why official Twitter?

Twitter is popular in a special way. There are numerous third-party apps for Twitter that repeat the official app’s functionality with a better interface or enrich it with new options. Most of these third-party apps are paid or ad-supported.
But the further it goes the more features the official app gets. Some of them may be hidden like image editing that only becomes available after you select an image to add and long-tap on it, but still here they are. And yes, the app is free and is meant to remain free.

Only if you need some specific displaying mode you should turn to alternative apps. Your everyday needs, even if you’re a hardcore tweetaholic are fully covered by the Twitter official app.

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  • P
    5 years ago
    Twitter is great, you can make your own blog, chat with friends, etc. But after the update it started to lag sometimes, fix please! 4/5
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  • t
    5 years ago
    Twitter is an awesome service, but it's just too damn addictive. It drives my GF mad sometimes...well, most of the time lol
  • k
    5 years ago
    twitter is great, i mean you gotta be fast or your (CENSORED) will get old too fast but the iWatch app is just a joke. Adams Park SD FTW!
  • FT
    Fairy Tale
    5 years ago
    Good app for fast chatting anywhere you are. Even without wifi it works good and fast. Useful thing for people who want to connect with the world.
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