Twitter Repositioned As News App

Twitter Repositioned As News App on Freepps Top Blog

No longer a social app! After 10 years on the market, Twitter has acknowledged its current status as something different from what it was projected for.

Developed as a network for quick sharing news and thoughts as statuses, today’s Twitter is more an urgent news channel that every significant person or organization can use to speak directly. 

No wonder that ordinary users prefer to retweet and comment news rather than post their own.

The current state has been admitted by repositioning the app in Apple’s app catalog. Since May 2016, the Twitter app is in News section. There’s no change in the app or the service itself, the repositioning caused no update. You may compare this status with the way you use your Twitter account.

In its new status Twitter is #1 app in its category. On Android, the app is still classified as “Social”.

Antonio Neri


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