Uber and Lyft Instruct Drivers on Fighting Coronavirus

Uber and Lyft Instruct Drivers on Fighting Coronavirus on Freepps Top Blog

With about 100,000 infections confirmed worldwide, the coronavirus pandemic really urges most of the international companies to take measures to protect their own employees and prevent the spread of the disease. And these measures are especially important for any business that interacts with lots of people – most notably, taxi and delivery services.

So it really makes sense that Uber and Lyft, as well as a couple of other smaller tech firms, are trying to raise the awareness of the disease among their contracted drivers. The companies have provided their contractors with a set of rules that basically follow the WHO recommendations: the drivers are encouraged to wash their hands frequently and to avoid touching their faces.

Uber has also asked drivers to disinfect their cars – at least, the most easily accessible surfaces. This recommendation is supposed to slow down the spread of the coronavirus while making the drivers themselves more protected. Moreover, the company is now preventing its employees from visiting China, Italy, and a couple of other countries that have a lot of diagnosed cases of COVID-19.

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