UC Browser Review: Android's Fastest?

UC Browser Review: Android's Fastest? on Freepps Top Blog

The times when mobile browsers were by far weaker than their desktop variants have already passed and waved us good. In fact, today they may offer a greater set of functions, some of which work even better on smartphones than on a PC. However, this can’t be applied to default browsers. 
The well-known applications such as Chrome, Opera Mobile or Dolphin are great alternatives used by people all over the world. Still, they aren’t flawless, being rather “heavy” and consuming a lot of RAM, which is not an appropriate variant for budget devices with outdated specs. 

Whatever is your reason of looking for another browser app, you should definitely pay your attention to UC Browser, especially being an Android device owner. This app is famous for its very quick response and useful functionality as well as for an ad-blocker. It requires a 2.3+ version of the Android OS and may be easily downloaded from The Apps Depot for free. 

UC Browser Design


In general, the UC Browser interface is well-designed, convenient and intuitive. The user interface is rather calm and pleasant with predominant blue color. If needed, an open page may be resized to fit the screen. 
When you first launch the app, you see a starting screen with multiple tiles. One will find the information - news, freeware, and entertainment - anecdotes, popular videos, new movies ones among them. All the content is generated automatically, but you can disable unnecessary panels and pin the most useful of them. At the top of the page, there are  icons of popular sites and a “+” button that opens a full catalog. 

Swiping to the left opens a Speed Dial page with websites marked as a favorite. This panel is fully-customizable and one can create folders and add services icons via URL or directly from the catalog. 
We can’t but mention a huge list of themes for UC Browser. They’re categorized and completely free. Moreover, you may become a creator of a unique theme via choosing an image from the Gallery and setting a background color of a webpage.

UC Browser Add-ons  


The browser’s efficiency is really one of the fastest in the relevant niche nowadays. With a good Internet connection, this becomes possible via usage of the hardware-accelerated rendering of pages, while with a slow connection – thanks to the Turbo Mode, in which all traffic passes through a compressing proxy server.

There also exists gesture control for a handy surfing. The buttons “Next” and “Back” may be substituted by swiping left or right anywhere on the page. Tab switching may be achieved via the same swipes on the toolbar. The two-finger swipes up and down close and open tabs respectively. It seems to be a mere detail, but you just get used to such things quickly.

A couple of words about the preinstalled ad-blocker must be said, too. It copes with its task well as you won’t see any advertisement while surfing. In the add-ons settings window, one may view the most “stuffed” pages. The only drawback is, perhaps, the lack of a white list: many sites use unobtrusive ads for living and developing, but you won’t be able to help such resources. 

Users can download the additional add-ons via the relevant menu section for free, too. Though, they’re not very numerous, but almost any user will find them rather handy ones. There is, for example, an archive unzipper, favorites protected by a password, a web page translator, a QR code generator, and an automatic update of the open tabs in case it’s essential.

If you are going to use UC Browser on other devices too, you should create the UC account via Google or Facebook. It allows to synchronize your data, bookmarks, and tabs via a cloud service. So, you can start reading an article on the tablet and finish reading it on the smartphone, which is a very handy option. 

Useful US Browser Features

Other Features 

  • A built-in player allows watching videos from various sites. It looks like MX Player a little bit. Swipes on the left part of the screen allow to adjust brightness while on the right – to set the volume. 
  • You can almost effortlessly download music, videos, and other files from the net. 
  • The Private (or Incognito) Mode may be used, in case you don’t want to leave any traces of your surfing in the history. 
  • The Night Mode exists for night reading and helps our eyes, not to get tired very quickly. This mode reduces screen brightness and makes browser interface and site background dark. At the same time, the text becomes not white, but light-gray to reduce the contrast for more comfortable reading.

The Bottom Line

Actually, no one can convince you to get rid of your favorite mobile browser and flop over to another one, so, you just need to give it a try for a definite period and evaluate all the pros and cons. Personal experience is the only way to understand how comfortable all the before mentioned stuff may be. Besides, with UC Browser you’ll forget about your desktop browsing experience soon as this mobile app can replace it with ease.  

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