Unicode Approves Working Women Emoji

Unicode Approves Working Women Emoji on Freepps Top Blog

As you may know, in May, Google has proposed a number of emoji representing women of different occupation for the approval by the Unicode Technical Committee, and now the request has been accepted. Previously, Unicode has experienced criticism from the users due to the lack of diversity when it comes to their characters. In response, the organization continues to tweak the existing emoji and add new ones.

Which new characters have been added?

A variety of skin tones and occupations approved by Unicode

The new emoji showcase females in eleven professional situations, including business, farming, teaching programming, and others. What is also great about these emoji is that they are available in a number of different skin tones, which means that there are more than a hundred occupation emoji that you have an opportunity to use.

In addition to the mentioned ones, Unicode also added 33 female versions of emoji that were already present but depicted only men. These emoji include a hairdresser, police officer, runner, and some others.

The emoji from Unicode have been accepted by a number of companies, such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and also the most widely used programming languages like XML, Java, and more. Unicode ensures trouble-free use of emoji characters between the platforms that support it.

Do you use emoji in your everyday interactions? What do you think about these new additions? Please, share your thoughts in the comments!


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