Unleash The Nerd In You With Science Journal

Unleash The Nerd In You With Science Journal on Freepps Top Blog

There's plenty of sensors inside pretty much every modern phone, and Google now lets you finally use them with a new app called Science Journal and a weird Whistlepunk handle in its title.

You're now allowed to science the spirit out of it with all the research data you can get from, well, around you.

Science Journal doesn't carry much weight in the information it provides you with, but it does make measuring various things fun, including light, sound and movement.

This way, you can compare things like:

  • the amount of light in your room at different times of the day;
  • see if your neighbor's motorcycle is louder than a passing airplane;
  • check if your evening commute requires less effort than the morning one.

The convenience of the Science Journal app for Android (yup, no iOS app in sight) is that you can record all the observations you want with a single press of the button, real time. Create your own measurement pattern or simply research what's around you.

In case you know what Arduino is and own one, you can connect the app to it and improve the precision of your measurements.

The biggest kicker that Science Journal offers is breaking down your data into graphs and charts, coupled with the ability to take notes. This helps the app stand out from the array of other apps that give you raw sensor data.

Aside from text notes, you can record your thoughts as you speak to get some finer details related to your measurements. With these points recorded, it's easier to compare the results of your research and experiments.

To step into the Internet of things again, Google teamed up with Exploratorium to help the scientist in you with extra sensors and craft materials for measuring variables your phone can't measure accurately - or at all. You can buy dedicated lab kits and Google will provide you with assembling instructions to DIY it up.

So if you can't wait to measure your preferred volume of leaves rustling outside your window, get the app today through our catalog.

Have you already tried the app? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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