Upcoming Halloween events in popular games

Upcoming Halloween events in popular games on Freepps Top Blog

It looks like there’s no calendar event game developers can ignore. Even if a modern game doesn’t require being online constantly, there are still updates and ratings, so the developers can reach you to trick or treat you with something new.

It’s OK to have some new appearance, more severe and mystical, and that’s enough for such a special event. But some offer more, so let’s have a closer look at what they have prepared for us.

Clash of Clans

One of the most popular online strategic games had little to surprise us lately. The biggest innovation it offered was the Builder Hall, and for millions of newcomers, it’s already an always-been feature. But for this Halloween (they say “for October,” well, most of them do) they have prepared a good pack of changes. Each of them may seem minor, but altogether they can change the experience completely.

First of all, units we all love now are given a new upgrade level. Valkyrie and Bomb Tower are now upgradable up to Level 6, and Golem and Air Sweeper up to 7. No revolution, just another place for another pace.

As cloud facilities are upgraded, Supercell offers larger battles: 35:35 and even 45:45 friendly wars, and they can be watched by up to 30 spectators. The most expected clan update is an online indicator: now you can see which members of your clan are online now. If you’re just searching for a clan, you can narrow your search by more parameters.

And what all players will surely notice is an updated AI. Now troops will find a better path to the objects, and the battle will not end until the last shot reaches its target (even if a bomber or another unit is already killed).

What does it all have to do with Halloween? We’ll see as the event gets closer. There will certainly be some deals and offers on paid options, and maybe some redesign. Last year we only had one-gem spell boosts, and some units (like Witches or Skeletons) took less time for training.

Clash Royale

The parallel project from Clash universe by Supercell is also about to get updated. The most exciting part of the update is thought to be a new gaming mode named Touchdown. You need to direct your troops, so they cross the touchdown line before your enemies do. Each unit behind the line gives you a point, and the game resets. You need three points to win before the time is over, and if no team leads after, you get some overtime. This mode will only be available for the 2x2 clash.

Say goodbye to free Golden chests: you won’t get daily two chests for free anymore. Instead, you’ll have a chance to win some by completing quests. There are 100 types of quests nowadays, and more to expect soon.
Another innovation is about 1v1 mode: to reattract more users to it, the developers introduce gold reward for any destroyed tower, no matter if you win or lose in the end.

New cards are also introduced. As now they can’t be found in the code before the actual update, we can only wonder what it will be.

But is there anything about Halloween? It looks like it’s just a regular update that happens in October.

The Sims Freeplay

Life simulation games can’t ignore real-life events. So Sims are celebrating too. The developers offer some new outfits that can be unlocked via taking part in some mew events. There will be Halloween Chocolatier Hobby Event and Aerobics Hobby Event, already announced but not unlocked yet.

Some events will return for Halloween so that you can re-attend Charming Barber event or French Romance Live event.

Doesn’t look that great, but if you’re a real fan, there’s enough attraction.


As the game is about gardening, its Halloween should be all about pumpkins. They are your prizes you earn for completing missions, and then you can exchange your pumpkins for special Halloween decorations. All the missions should result in receiving the final prize for Halloween decorations that will make your mansion look complete.

The gameplay will not change much, there’s still that attractive mix of match-3, quest, and strategy that has made the game so popular. Some minor gameplay elements are changed: the horse an now participate in races, and there’s Sugar Crust you need to break to remove Honey from the field in Match-3 levels.
The game is also finally localized into Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese and Traditional Chinese.

Pokémon Go

Not that much of a surprise anymore, Pokémon Go still has a lot to offer to the most devoted Pokémon chasers. Though Niantic hasn’t revealed what this year event is all about, we can extrapolate by recollecting the one of 2016 (in fact, the first Halloween with Pokémon Go).

That time we had double candy rewards from hatching eggs and quadruple from Buddy Pokémon. And it’s quite logical that Spooky Pokémon (Zubat, Golbat, Gastly, and Gengar) were much easier to find from October 26th to November 1st.

This year we can expect something just like this, but with come modifications. Fans hope that Niantic will make the legendary Mewtwo available again. Anyway, some new Pokémon types are already promised by Niantic’s announce. So we have another reason to go out and lurk for new Pokémon regardless of the weather.

Subway Surfers

It seems the only endless running game that has survived runner rush of 2013. This Halloween the place we visit is Mexico, just on Día de Muertos (November 1st-2nd). So the game is redesigned in dark tones, it’s night with skulls shining in the sky, candles burning up on roofs, and dead heads following you on the way. Some of the skulls (thanks to globalization) resemble pumpkins.

So the new Mexican character, Manny, also looks like a jolly skeleton, and his additional Mariachi outfit is just as frightening. Another character available for Halloween is Zombie Jake, and this dead version of the basic character can’t be bought for collected coins or keys, but for real money only.


You can control anything in Minecraft’s space, but time is out of control, and Halloween is inevitable. So there’s a set of innovations you should expect and even preview in official videos. The new content includes haunted house parkour available on Lifeboat server, a new map named Haunted Mansion Skyware for PvP mode, new quests and a lot of pumpkins. And yes, Japanese breeders would have been glad to grow pumpkins as cubic as they look in Minecraft.


The epic card game based on World of Warcraft is also getting updated this Halloween, and the events are available under the common name The Hallow’s End. The most precious item players can claim is a new Hero. Her name is Nemsy Necrofizzle, and the class is Warlock. Even after the event, this card will still be available in Fireside Gathering Taverns.

Expiring events will include a new mix-and-match game mode. Still, you select a hero and a skill, but now you can mix up skills from two different heroes and get more combinations.

Free giveaways will include card packs: Whispers of the Old Gods for the first week and Knights of the Frozen Throne for the second. You can as well receive free Arena tickets. But none of those is guaranteed, so it depends on your luck to get it.

And don’t miss The Headless Horseman Rides that starts on October 24th and lasts for three days. This Brawl gives you a special costume and some tweaks that will enhance your gaming experience.

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