Updated SwiftKey Fixes Sync Problems

Updated SwiftKey Fixes Sync Problems on Freepps Top Blog

If you use SwiftKey you know that last month the account syncing was disabled. The reason for the change was the problem with the predictions when the application started sending them to the wrong users. During that time, some users reported that they could see full email addresses and phrases that were not meant for them, which is quite a privacy problem. According to SwiftKey, the number of users that complained about this problem was small, but the feature was still disabled quite quickly because no one wants their personal information revealed to strangers.

Updated SwiftKey is rolling out to users

New Update is Coming to SwiftKey

Now the most recent version of SwiftKey comes with the enabled sync function and developers claim that the problems have been fixed. Updated application will start syncing your account automatically, giving you’re an opportunity to receive the suggestions you’re used to on new devices and also add new words to the dictionary. You will be able to update SwiftKey to the latest version in the upcoming days if you can’t yet see it in the Play Store.

Do you use SwiftKey? Have you noticed any problems with wrong suggestions? Share your experience with us in the comments below.

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