US Subscription Fee For Mobile Apps Saw 21 Percent Rise In 2019

US Subscription Fee For Mobile Apps Saw 21 Percent Rise In 2019 on Freepps Top Blog

Subscription revenue rose to $4.6B in 2019 over 100 apps. The mobile games market is growing. In 2019, apart from in-app purchases, users had spent $120 billion on subscription. The data was gathered from across the world. The new data from the Sensor Tower company reveals that the total revenue has increased by 21 percent from the last year’s $3.8 billion. The total amount of payments gathered by 100 top apps is equal to $4.6 billion.

Apps Billionaires

The apps that were on-demand in 2019 can be downloaded from official app stores on both platforms, Google Play and App Store. One of the most popular apps with paid subscriptions is Tinder. In 2019, Tinder earned 10 percent of the total amount of sum we mentioned earlier. Tinder Plus subscription costs $9.99 per month, while Tinder Gold is more expensive and costs $14.99 a month.

The App Store revealed another top app that received the lion’s share in 2019. It is YouTube, which in 2019 passed the threshold of $1 billion earnings through the subscription and in-app purchases. Google Play’s stats show that Google One and Pandora were even more popular than Tinder in 2019.

Share your own top list of subscriptions, if you have them. Name the apps you pay for in the comments below. How often do you use them?

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