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Google Now is the service based on the system of cards that provides you with relevant information from Gmail and other apps from Google. Now on Tap is quite a recent service introduced by Google and it gives users an opportunity to view more information right on the screen of the device instead of having to look for it. The main purpose of Now on Tap is to personalize the experience of using the Internet.

For instance, your exchange texts with your friend and get invited to the theater. The service will use this information and offer you to make an entry in the calendar on a particular date. Moreover, Now on Tap will also provide you with the details, such as reviews, prices, etc.

Turning on the Now on Tap

What has been updated?

Before the update, you had to activate the entire system of Google Now to be able to use Now on Tap, because the systems were linked together. It means that if you wanted to disable the showing of cards in the settings, Now on Tap would also get disabled. Now, Google decided to disable the link between the Google Now cards and the service, which means that if you need, you can have only Now on Tap enabled on your device. Obviously, if you want to use Google Now to the fullest, you should have both Now on Tap and cards activated.

Do you use Google Now? What are your thoughts on the update? Please, share your experience in the comments. 


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