Useful Android Task-Switchers and Shortcut Apps

Useful Android Task-Switchers and Shortcut Apps on Freepps Top Blog

Various multitasking apps and shortcuts are a great way to make your phone activity more efficient. Easy navigation allows you to avoid getting frustrated and stressed out when you need to gather the information simultaneously from different sources. Here are some extremely useful Android apps that will help you turn your phone into an effective workstation.

Omni Swipe

Omni Swipe wheel to find your favorite apps

The first excellent application with more than a hundred million downloads is Omni Swipe. This app is known and loved for its great design that features a rotating wheel which you can turn and choose different types of interactions.

When you swipe your screen on the chosen toolbar, it opens up various toggles and apps that are specific to the category. With its attractive and user-friendly interface, Omni Swipe is not only highly useful but also a lot of fun to use.


Simple shortcuts for easy access

Obviously, you don’t have to get any comprehensive software to make shortcuts, and all you need is this simple and effective application.

Using Shortcuts, you can tick the apps that you use most often, and they will appear in your notification panel.

What is great about this app is that you can access its notification panel from any area on your device. It doesn’t matter if you are talking on the phone or playing a game, you can drag down the notification shade, and all the apps that you selected are there.

Power Toggles

Easy installation of the Power Toggles app

The Power Toggles app has been around for quite a while, but users still seem to like it. This useful application provides you with more convenient settings toggles, and they can be accessed quicker.

For instance, if there are any settings that you often change, such as timeout time of your screen, you can put this option on an easily accessible spot on your phone.

If you need, you can even create an additional row of toggles. Power Toggles app is very convenient and straight to the point.

Swipeup Utility

Changing your home button with Swipeup Utility

If you want to customize your phone to your personal needs even more, you can install Swipeup Utility. This app is used to change the functions of your home button.

For instance, swiping down can be assigned to opening a camera app if you always want to capture a moment as quickly as possible, or it can be used to access your contacts

Easy App Switcher (EAS)

All the apps in one click with the EAS app

Another great shortcut app is Easy App Switcher that is simply referred to as EAS. The application allows you to choose your favorite places on the phone and swap between two most recently opened apps.

You can exclude certain apps and customize the floating icon. Overall, it’s a nice app for its purpose.

Customize your phone for maximum convenience

It’s difficult to determine which application you will like before trying, but the mentioned apps are certainly worth taking into consideration. If you notice that there a number of apps and phone settings that you open or change every single day, it’s a good idea to download a shortcut app, so that you don’t have to browse through your entire Android menu to find them.

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    5 years ago
    These are devilishly useful apps! Because these are not only single apps but multitasking ones. They can turn my phone into and out.
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    5 years ago
    I've got a lot of Apps on my phone, and they are all so important for me, but sometimes choosing the necessary app makes me so nervous, and when I installed Omni Swipe my life became much easier, it really helps!
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    5 years ago
    I think it's very convinient to use such apps like these, my phone is like my face and everything should be in order)
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