​Viber For Android Reviewed: More Than Just Another Messenger

​Viber For Android Reviewed: More Than Just Another Messenger on Freepps Top Blog
Many of us still remember the times when in order to contact someone distant you had to either fork out impressive wads of money or wait for weeks sending letters. It’s so amazing that the progress has moved forward since that time and today we may easily reach anyone we like almost in any country of our planet literally in a second. This became possible due to the instant messaging services.
Now, we’re going to do a in-depth review of Viber, an app that has already connected over 607 million people over the world. This messenger allows to cross the borders and cut distances short by making free calls and sending free messages (within the community, of course). The only requirement is an Internet connection, be it Wi-Fi or 3G. 
Steps to Follow for Installation

Installation Tips

For activation one needs only to download and launch the app, fill in your personal phone number and activation code sent via SMS. The whole process doesn’t even take a minute. 

It should be noted that sometimes this may be not very handy, but there’s no separate and “universal” user’s account for Viber. The app is tied to your actual and valid phone number, so that you’ll have to register another account for every new device with a different number. 

After installation the app automatically synchronizes with users’ contact lists to determine friends with Viber and copy. Not everything is copied, only the name and number. Moreover, it doesn’t matter what platform their smartphones are running. 
Viber Chat Design and Features

Message Features

Viber messages may be very long – up to 7 thousand symbols. This is almost too much, but still it's a distinct feature! The number of free messages is limited by your time and goodwill only.

Besides, one may share short video and audio files, including those recorded directly in the app in the form of a “live” message, photos and locations, emoticons and stickers. 

You may easily choose and change the background for your chatting room. 

Viber displays the time of sending and delivering a message. 

Group chats may include up to 200 participants max. To avoid turning your communication into a sprawling mess, you’ll see when someone is typing a message. 

Push notifications make our life much easier. Firstly, they don’t let us miss anything. Secondly, they allow to respond immediately in a pop-up window. 

Sticker Packs

Stickers are available for downloading in the in-app store. Not all of them are free of charge, but there is a rather decent amount of packs for everyone. Stickers are larger than emoticons and miscellaneous. They make any message more interesting and funnier. Besides, stickers save one’s time greatly, being the quintessence of the main idea to be shared – emotion, state, mood, or else.

Just be aware of the fact that a sticker will be send just the same moment you tap on it without any preview. 
Sticker Packs at the Store

Audio and Video Calls Functionality

Inside the app you’ll find a call history and a dialer to contact a person for a talk. Except of the regular calls, Viber users are offered to enjoy the benefits of video calls. Of course, the both types are also free within the system and can boast of good image and voice quality provided you have a stable connection. Unlike chatting, users can’t reach someone without the app installed. 

News and Drawbacks 

With the latest updates users received a couple of new opportunities: 
  • Sharing documents, presentations, archives, and other types of files. The only thing is that this content can’t be stored on a flash-card as the app doesn’t see it.
  • Removing messages from the service even after delivery. This function is very controversial as lots of users don’t like the idea of the remote deleting information on their devices, especially if it’s essential for the addressees mostly. By the way, the removing won’t work out with people’s memory.
However, these features can’t be tried in practice, because the app almost ceased working after these updates – it freezes and crashes all the time. These aren’t individual cases and that’s why we hope that developers will fix the problems soon. 
make free calls with viber

Besides, the app, surprisingly, takes a lot of device’s storage due to the “heavy” packs of stickers and other stuff shared. In fact, it’s not crucial and regular cache cleaning may help with this. Still, this issue does affect the situation when a device has low memory or it’s not allowed transferring apps into the SD-card. 

Final Word

To make the story short, it is also worth mentioning that Viber definitely stands out of the similar applications. In case if the majority of your friends and family members have it installed on their devices, you may set it as a default app and spend significantly less money on the telephone services. So all of this proves that Viber is a prized app and you shouldn't miss the hype, so make sure to download it. 

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  • K
    5 years ago
    Really waited a long time for this app, compared to others, read the reviews. I believe that it is the best. I like that there is free calls and video calls.
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  • P
    5 years ago
    Viber helps me to connect to my parents who live in Helsinki and save a lot of money on calls. And it is very easy to share photos with all my relatives and friends - I just create a group of people who will receive message and send them photos!
  • s
    5 years ago
    I agree, Viber is a really good app. Though not so keewl as Skype, but the connection quality is better.
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