Video Messages Are Now a Part of Hangouts

Video Messages Are Now a Part of Hangouts  on Freepps Top Blog

If you’re a user of Hangouts, you should know that it has recently been updated. The first great news that every user will probably be excited to hear is that there has appeared an option of sending video attachments. This feature has been available for the iOS devices for some time, and now it can finally be used by people who prefer Android.

What else has changed in the app?

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Another update introduced by Google concerns the Hangouts messages and SMS. Previously, the messages sent to the same person were merged into a single thread, but now this feature has been removed, which is something that a lot of users are not too happy about. According to Google, the reason for this change is because the feature was not used often and was confusing. If you’re not satisfied with this update, you have an option of deactivating SMS in Hangouts and installing a certain SMS app, such as Messenger, as default. In such a way, SMS will be removed from Hangouts and appear in a different app. This method will make your messages less confusing, but requires an additional app, so it’s up to you to decide.

When it comes to video messaging, it was definitely awaited by the users. To use the feature, all you should do is open a chat and tap the video camera button located at the bottom. Once you do that, you have to grant permissions to Hangouts, record a video, send it, and wait for it to get uploaded to the chat. It should be noted that to play the video messages you will have to open them with a third-party application.

Are you an active user of Hangouts? What is your opinion on the update? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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