Viking Pigs Attack: Christmas Update For Angry Birds Seasons

Viking Pigs Attack: Christmas Update For Angry Birds Seasons on Freepps Top Blog

Angry Birds Seasons didn’t go the conventional way dressing the characters in festive hats or wrapping the locations up in the Christmas lights — they chose to be more creative with their update.

The World of Vikings

Rovio presents you the Vikings brutal world with icy fortresses and hogs wearing horned helmets. They named the update Ragnahog, referring to the dark Norse myth Ragnarok, which describes a series of events, including a great battle led to the death of gods like Odin, Thor, and Loki.

Sounds dark as for a game with no age restrictions, right? But don’t be concerned. This episode doesn’t feature any violence; in contrary, it will be a pleasant and funny experience.

New Icy Cool Features

Let’s see what new features the update brings to the all familiar gameplay. The first thing worth to mention is the amazing snow-blanketed locations with the huge icebergs floating in the air. It looks impressive, and you may even feel a literal coolness of the arctic wind blowing from your screen.

Plus, you get two hidden levels and a great chance to find the Thor’s Hammer Golden Egg, waiting for you somewhere in the snowdrifts or icy caves. In this update, you are allowed to play a new level every day from December, 1 till the Christmas Eve, but if you lack patience you can pay $1,99 to play all 25 levels and new exciting quests whenever you want.

Help your feathery heroes fight off the Viking Pigs in the new Angry Birds Seasons episode. Rise your slingshot and answer the call for a battle.

Which episode of Angry Birds Seasons is your favorite? Are you excited to try the Viking themed Christmas update? Let us know in a comment section below.

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    4 years ago
    it is amazing because you can play any where you go and can play your computer and on your phone and on your tablet and also on your I pad
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