Vimeo for Android Finally Gets Updated

Vimeo for Android Finally Gets Updated on Freepps Top Blog

Everyone needs to rest; however, it seems like Vimeo developers have been resting for too long, leaving their Android application aside for years. Perhaps, it’s the reason behind the video platform’s low popularity compared to YouTube’s. Still, a couple of days ago they finally released its version 2.0. 

Key Update Points

On Tuesday, Vimeo rolled out with a new look of its user interface that's very close to Google’s Material Design. In general, it’s clean and user-friendly. Now, the app can support videos of high resolution - up to 1080p. 

Moreover, the new video categories, such as Food, Travel, Documentary, and Design, have been introduced with the update. They are curated by “a human team” and make the browsing process smoother and faster as you can follow the ones you like most.

Vimeo Updated Streaming Experience

Besides, users will be able to enjoy the benefits of a new Vimeo player which will allow them to like and comment videos running, and to stream video content without any ads. You’ll have an opportunity to follow other video creators, too. If you are the tablet owners, use a special player for this form-factor, which was designed for larger screens.

The final update is about an easier way of uploading content into the app directly from a smartphone or a tablet as well as a new opportunity to share videos with friends privately - either with all of them or with individuals. There is also a password protection for keeping your content safe.

Discover Social Part of Vimeo Platform

Sunday Comes Once A Week

We’re very happy with all of the aforementioned innovations, of course. Still, nobody is perfect, and neither is Vimeo for Android. In fact, several users have already reported about problems they had experienced with the renewed app. Some of them couldn’t see and leave any comments while others told about the app crashes. All of them wait for bugs to be fixed.

The Bottom Line

The Vimeo team has promised to add even more features in the nearest weeks. Particularly, it refers to the introducing of Chromecast support in the first quarter of the following year. This would be great, taking into consideration the fact that the iOS version has already had it for almost a whole year. Still, we may only hope that the last years’ hibernation won’t repeat this time. 

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