Violent Mod Blends DOOM with Minecraft

Violent Mod Blends DOOM with Minecraft on Freepps Top Blog

DOOM’s modding community is known for its super fun and unexpected creations. They release DOOM mods that transform the core game into something outright astonishing and unpredictably awesome. However, this time DOOM modders have exceeded themselves by introducing the violent mod that combines DOOM with Minecraft. This DOOM’s mod is called Brutal Minecraft.

Brutal Minecraft: One Hell of a Doom Mod

brutal mod screen

Brutal Minecraft is a total conversion mod for DOOM that changes the familiar, peaceful aesthetics of the main Minecraft game into the gloomy and bloody world of DOOM. While watching the ‘Brutal Minecraft’ mod trailer on YouTube, you will notice some blood-and-gore scenes, hardcore combat, and violence-fueled zombie-slaying action.  

On the whole, Brutal Minecraft could potentially be among the most impressive DOOM mods out there. It features 9 maps and over 20 various types of weapon. Each location integrates Minecraft-ish blocky graphics and textures layered over DOOM 2’s violent and highly dynamic gameplay. In the upcoming updates, the mod is said to become even more Minecrafty and Doomy. 

Minecraft Goes Brutal: Are You Ready?

Can’t wait to test-drive Brutal Minecraft? Or do you prefer the traditional peaceful version of the game? Perhaps, you’d like to see other game aesthetics integrated into an upcoming DOOM mod? Let us know your point of view in the comment section below. Be sure to bookmark to come back for more news and updates, as well as DOOM and Minecraft mods and Addons — we’re here to satisfy your hunger for games and tech news 24/7.

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