​VLC Player for Android Reviewed: Features, Tips, and Tricks

​VLC Player for Android Reviewed: Features, Tips, and Tricks on Freepps Top Blog
Technical progress has presented us with mobile devices with large screen sizes. This has opened numerous opportunities which weren’t available before. In particular, watching various video files became much more pleasant and comfortable. However, one issue is still unsolved – the vast majority of built-in multimedia players can’t playback all the audio and video file formats. Fortunately, you may choose one of the third-party apps and easily download it from Google Play Store. Let’s examine a player that belongs to the league of top ones – VLC. 

VLC Mobile

At last, a well-known desktop VLC player has got its own mobile version which boasts rich functionality and supports various formats. The official and stable Android mobile version was a long-awaited one. It is a cross-platform tool with open source code. This means that it’s available for every developer interested in it. Owing to this opportunity, the app may be modified and fixed in case of problems detecting. What is more, VLC is totally free of charge and doesn’t contain any advertisements or hidden in-app purchases. 


In fact, VLC player can manage almost with any type of audio and video files, including MP4, TS, MKV, MOV, AAC, FLAC, etc. Moreover, Closed Captions, Teletext, subtitles, and multiple audio tracks are also within its competence. 

As a rule, media players specialize in either audio or video playing. On the contrary, VLC offers an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. It detects all the media types on your smartphone automatically and organizes them into folders. If you don’t want a certain folder to be included, then go to Preferences - Directories and exclude it from the list.

Background video playback is a hidden but available for everyone option. It allows to keep listening to a video, even after leaving the VCL application. Just follow the way Settings - Interface - Play Video in Background and enjoy the audio track without visual support. Network video streaming is also available within the app.

Users may create multiple playlists with different thematic content for both video and audio parts of the content. The audio section is subdivided into such categories as Artists, Albums, Songs, Genres, and Playlists. This is very handy and provides users with an opportunity for faster files searching.

A built-in equalizer allows to make the audio files sound even more amazingly with appropriate effects. There is also a separate homescreen widget allowing controlling audio playback together with headsets and full audio library. At the same time, the audio player itself lacks such control buttons within the app. 


In the Settings menu, one can customize the player to the extent he/she likes via changing the screen orientation, ratio and user interface color, setting the subtitles encoding, adjusting brightness and contrast, managing the performance parameters, and selecting the audio and video output modes.


By default, playing video starts from the last played position as the application “remembers” it. Still, a long press on a video thumbnail activates the context menu with the “Play from Start” option. No one will be able to get lost in controlling though due to the on-screen manual which is displayed before every video playback. 
  1. Swipe left or right to go either backward or forward.
  2. Swipe up or down on the left side of the screen to adjust the brightness and on the right – to set the volume needed. 
  3. Tap twice to pause a video.
  4. Press the three-dot button for changing the playback speed, going to a certain time, or setting the Sleep Mode. 
Onscreen Control

Playing audio includes the following controlling options:
  1. Swiping left or right allows deleting a song.
  2. Pressing a special icon on the right part of the screen and pulling it up or down enables changing the song order. 
  3. Pressing a button with two arrows depicted turns on the repetition of either all the items in a playlist or just the current one.
  4. In case you don’t need these on-screen controls, they may be switched off with the help of the “Lock” button. 


VLC player for Android is a very good alternative to your native one. It's rather high rating on Google Play Store (4.3 out of 5) and more than 10 million installations speak for themselves eloquently. It should be also noted that even 1080p videos are running flawlessly and smoothly provided that your device isn’t a low-spec or an older one. The ad-free status of VLC can’t go unnoticed and unappreciated by users. It offers this as a basic option, whereas other similar apps require additional payments.

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    5 years ago
    Very, not a bad app to play media files with a standard set of functions. The interface is quite simple and understandable to everyone. Very convenient to use on the go
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    6 years ago
    What's the point of this app anyway? Watching pirated movies? All the decent shows are on Neflix and Hulu, saves you time and keeps you out of trouble.
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