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There are enough messages around for sure. But while most of them put texting first, the brave few dare to stand out. Roger is one of such apps.

Created as a fresh start by a group of former Spotify employees, Roger allows you to send short voice messages to your friends. While there's nothing particularly new in this feature and dozens of other apps like WeChat offer it in a bundle, Roger does it in style.

The messages are the focus of this application and the big red Material button basically screams "Press me and say something!". The space around it wasn't left uncharted though - the said button is surrounded by useful information, including snippets for time and weather conditions applicable to your company's location.

The dev team that created the app state that Roger is an effort to bring the human part back to conversations. 

Roger App

The team behind the app created it to humanize the dominant mode of communication on mobile — which for most people is text — and encourage more voice conversations. Inspiring conversations instead of boring text is what the app aims for. Indeed, there's more emotion in your voice than a thousand emoji combined.

The app saw its iOS release in late 2015, and this success paved the way to the subsequent Android release.

While the number of users isn't public yet, the service should enjoy a solid fanbase as it's available in more than 120 countries across the globe.

 Inspiring conversations instead of boring text

Roger's creators emphasize that there's a specific demographic the app caters to, and it's the visually impaired users. 

The company stresses that a lot of them switch over to the app because there are 300 million people with this condition and most services don't see this aspect on the surface when creating applications. 

With this said, it's hard to see the app explode so far as there are so many messenger apps around, and people are reluctant to sign up for yet another one. Though there's a workaround to reach the people not using this service through SMS integration via a link, the app could use some improvements.

Have you used Roger for Android or iOS? What's your opinion about it?

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  • S
    5 years ago
    Can't be much lag-time. if, any at all when they're defining it as a Walkie -Talkie type App. lag time
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  • C
    5 years ago
    Hey there! Anyone used this program to play airsoft? There are delays? How quickly a message reaches?
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