Weather Underground for Android: May The Sun Be With You

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If you happen to need just a weather forecast and you look at its flaws and fails with a bit of fatalism, you may use the built-in Android weather app. But there’s much more to the weather, and Weather Underground is the perfect illustration.

Weather Underground was the first Internet weather service launched in 1995. Now it’s still one of the most advanced and powerful services available. Its forecasts are based on data from 33,000+ stations all around the globe. There are also other ways of improving forecasts, based on social collaboration.

On the home screen of the app, you can see your current location (if it’s wrong you can tap the location button to redefine your coordinates). The app also shows the current temperature, the highest and the lowest temperatures of the day and the number it feels like. It also shows conditions of the sky and the sun.

<img alt="5 day weather">

Scroll the app to see the 5-day forecast. It’s not so detailed, of course. But by tapping on any day you can see the approximate temperature and air humidity at each hour of the day. The further is the day, the less precise is the forecast.

If you care about your health, you will surely appreciate the next block. It shows the UV index, ozone, disperse particles, pollen and flu virus in the air. You can rely on this part of the forecast to decide whether to go out on this day or to stay inside. 

One of the most wonderful features of the app (and of the service) is the WunderMap. Even within your city current temperature and conditions may differ. Look at the map to see whether it’s raining all over the town, or if it’s only you’re so luckily caught. If you plan to move within the city and need to know the weather in its parts, WunderMap is the real wonder for you. And yes, you can open this map in full-screen mode and zoom it in and out with the usual two-finger pinch.

<img alt="WunderMap">

There is also other useful data (sunrise and sunset time, moon phases and so on). The most important information is displayed in your status bar (if you don’t like this you can switch it off in Settings).

In Settings, you can select desirable units, the forecasts source (NWS or Best Forecast), set up the update interval and select light or dark interface theme. The app is available in many languages and selects your system language by default.

We’d like to emphasize two extremely useful features that make Weather Underground an outstanding thing.

First: the app is social. You can always confirm or not what Weather Underground says about your current condition. Use the buttons at the conditions at the home screen.

Second: the app can alert you about bad or dangerous weather conditions. Unfortunately, this option only works for US cities.

<img alt="Weather Underground widgets">

Last but not least: the app comes with seven different widgets that can suit your needs best. Select the one you’d like the most for your home screen.

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  • d
    6 years ago
    An excellent application for those who often take looong walks! still wondering how it decides how much flu is in the air tho :)
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