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When was the last time you held an actual encyclopedia? There is no denial that Wikipedia has changed the way we look up different information as it offers you an enormous number of articles on anything you can imagine in a single place. Besides the Wikipedia website, now you can use an updated and redesigned Wikipedia app for Android so that you can easily find random facts wherever you are.

What is now different in the Wikipedia app?

 User-friendly and convenient explore feed of the Wikipedia app

As you may know, the users of iOS devices were given an opportunity to use the Explore feed in March, and now this feature is finally available to those who prefer Android devices. When using the Explore feed, you can browse through the images, news, articles, and other content according to what you have already read. If you don’t like the materials that you’re offered, all you have to do is swipe them away as the information is presented in the form of cards. The cards continue to add up, and if you didn’t have time to check them out, you can do so when you’re ready and scroll down to read everything you have missed. If you see articles that you would like to read in the future, you can quickly save them to your reading list and read offline whenever you want, which is extremely convenient when you don’t have Internet connection.

In addition to the mentioned features, you can now see the preview of the article before you commit to the entire Wikipedia page and decide whether it is something worthy of your attention. Other cool features of the updated app include sharing of the content on social media, voice support, trending articles, Today on Wikipedia, randomizer, news, and others.

What do you think about the redesigned Wikipedia application? Feel free to share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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