What If Tinder Existed in “Game of Thrones” Universe?

What If Tinder Existed in “Game of Thrones” Universe? on Freepps Top Blog

Imagine sitting on the throne as a mighty king of the medieval country and swiping left and right to make important royal decisions. The “Reigns” game makes it possible taking the Tinder’s concept of yes or no answer and catapulting it in a zany new direction.

Are you ready to rule the kingdom?

There are no pretty girls in front of you, but an endless stream of medieval characters or even objects, making you choose from often-bizarre requests. It's fun, simple, and easy to play in short bursts, and marked by a distinctive and surreal humor. One moment you'll be dealing with taxes, and the next you'll be talking to a vase.



Reigns is not a free game; however, it'll cost you like a cup coffee: $2.99, or £2.89 in the UK. It means the game is ads-free, and there are no other in-app purchases to keep you playing.

What do Tinder and Brexit have in common?

The developers say that there wasn’t just Tinder which was the inspiration for them. Along with that, another binary choice had its place — the Brexit vote by Britain to leave EU. This huge, world-shaking issue was boiled down into a yes-or-no question with the hard to predict consequences.

And you will experience almost the same in this hilarious indie game as every choice may invariably lead to a grizzly end. Although you should expect to die a lot, dying is not the end of the game. Each time you shuffle off the mortal coil, you start over as the dead king's heir who learns to avoid the same mistakes and aiming to achieve new heights before kicking the bucket.

"Reigns" keeps bringing absurd deadpan requests through the game and forces you to make the same reductionist decisions, again, and again — but you will definitely have fun doing so.

Have you already given this game a try? How soon did the king die? Let us know in the comments below.

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