What to Expect from Minecraft Monday

What to Expect from Minecraft Monday on Freepps Top Blog

Minecraft Monday is more than just a game event; it gets social. At least, getting PewDiePie and James Charles involved is a serious stone into the water. And these two seem very interested in the event without any external motivation.

Let us remind to those unaware: Felix Kjellberg (a.k.a. PewDiePie) and James Charles are to YouTube what Oprah Winfrey or Phil Donahue are to TV. Their views are in the billions, and gaming is essential to their popularity. But their presence is not the only reason to follow the event.

Buddy Movie

The competition is about to take place this Monday, and this time its mission is to gather the most famous content creators, taking them to the arena. And this time it will be hotter, not just because of the names involved.

What we get with these two is supposed to be spectacular. James Charles is one of the most scandalous, unceremonious twitchers around, but his style is what many of his followers adore. PewDiePie behaves differently; he is positive and inspiring, yet emotional. They even prefer different platforms to do their streaming: PewDiePie streams on Dlive, while James Charles is loyal to Twitch. Now that these two team up, it’s about to be like 48 Hours or even Lethal Weapon.

They will compete with eighteen other teams for entering the next round of the larger competition. You can watch it on either Dlive or Twitch, and it’s up to you; both will stream all of it. The first stream already took place, representing the new duo with a strange name. None of them is called Richard, and Minecraft is about cubes; so why did they name their team “Dick and balls”? These and other topics have been raised in their podcast recently.

What Are They up to?

Minecraft game screenshot

Monday Minecraft is a relatively new contest, launched by another popular video blogger, Keemstar, in summer ’19. He explains the rules and invites the potential players, and the rules are here. Who said Minecraft is no place for Battle Royale? It’s all a question of motivation.

The game goes on in Survival mode, in the basic version of Minecraft, with no mods, no cheats and no extras (even if anyone used them, the stream would have revealed it). Teams need to eliminate others, getting +10 for each Elimination. Victory Royale gets the winner +30. The top 2 teams also get +20 after the game, while the “top 3” get away with +10. A surviving team gets +2, but eliminating any team brings +2 to all the remaining teams.

Though a team has two individuals, the score the team gets for Surviving, Placements, and Victory Royale is distributed evenly, unless one of the team dies; then the survivor gets awarded. Cross-teaming isn’t allowed.

Terms seem generally acceptable, but there is one hard thing. One of the rules is that “players must conduct themselves respectfully”. Well, the name of the superstar team definitely has a decent meaning too, so, presumed innocent, they stay in. But how long?

Waiting For the Answers

Let’s see on Monday Minecraft on July 1, and it will be a worthy sight. It’s hard to name all the channels that will stream the competition. Who will Keemstar bring next? We hope he doesn’t kill the intrigue by inviting Chuck Norris.

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