How To Read WhatsApp Notifications, Messages From Android Lockscreen

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If you still prefer to use regular SMS on your smartphone and somehow got left untouched by WhatsApp plague, you’re about to get IUCNed as an endangered species. The competition is rather held among different Internet messengers (Facebook, Viber, Telegram, and some others).

One of the most convenient things about SMS WhatsApp is believed to lack is lock screen notifying. But this problem can be solved easily by using special lock screen widget or by other means provided by WhatsApp developers.

A widget that never fades

Lock screen widgets are available with no mods only for Android 4.2 – 4.4. To use them with Android 5.0 Lollipop you’ll have to install the modified ROM or a special app (like Notifidgets) that adds this feature. OK, let’s suppose your smartphone has this function.

Well, if you use Android 4.2 up to 4.4:

  • Open Settings > Lock Screen;
  • Tick the Custom widgets box;
  • Lock your device;
  • Open the lock screen and swipe to the side;
  • When you see “+” button, tap it;
  • In the dropout list select WhatsApp.

After these actions, WhatsApp widget will appear on your lock screen until you change the settings again.

There’s a bit different system on Samsung Galaxy devices. The launcher and the lock screen of Galaxy devices are part of TouchWiz interface, so it’s reworked to suit TouchWiz ideology rather than Android’s.

You still start with entering system Settings and then Lock Screen, but next to it you’ll need to activate Shortcuts switch, open the Shortcuts menu by tapping the same line and select WhatsApp in the list.

WhatsApp for Android

The hard way with hard candies

As you have already figured out, Android 4.1 and lower or 5.0 and higher will not let you use your favorite widgets. But there are always different ways. Third-party apps like Lock Screen Notifications (by devious) or NiLS (by Roymam) will help you.

NiLS is a great choice for fresh Android versions. Lock Screen Notifications app works with Android 4.0 or higher.  These two apps are considered the best free options for revising lock screen functionality. Due to our specifics we won’t concentrate on paid options.

These two seem the best choice. It depends on the widget and the vendor’s policy towards device controls, but usually you aren’t limited by reading the message, so you can reply or read full version with one special button.

Without a widget

For many of us it’s not a question of preferences. Android Lollipop brought many new features but buried some others, and lock screen widgets were on the unlucky side. But still you can find a way not to unlock your phone each time you need to see your WhatsApp inbox.

All you have to do is:

  • Launch the app;
  • Enter Settings  > Notifications;
  • Tap on the Popup Notifications;
  • Select the desired mode.

There are different modes available: you can receive popups when the phone is on and unlocked, only when it’s locked or anytime. You can select any of the latter two. After you do that your WhatsApp notifications will be displayed immediately on your lock screen and won’t go away until you check the app.

Well, Android 5.0 Lollipop has a good replacement for lock screen widgets, and it’s called heads up notifications. Unless you use an LG phone with a factory ROM you get access to all your notifications that are displayed on your lock screen. You can see the name and the user pic of the sender, number of messages, and a brief preview of the text. Maybe this feature will satisfy you as it’s activated by default.

Security measures

Are you sure you always follow the New York Times rule in your texting? And even if you do, are you that sure about the other ones? Well, the lock screen widgets are not leak-protected.

No matter if you prefer widgets provided by Android system or third-party apps, or are stuck to Lollipop head up notifications. Any widget manager allows you to control the information you want to prevent from leaking.

Any convenience has its other risky side, and there’s no exception for lock screen messages.

The widgets make your messages easily read, and now they are not for your eyes only. So before setting up your WhatsApp widget think twice whether your texting should be more confidential than that.

Do you know any other WhatsApp tricks? Share them in the comments!

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