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What did you miss in WhatsApp? It has a whole set of different emoji, an internal document viewer, a great variety of data to attach to your messages and no fees at all. But the developers always find something new to add.

In the new beta version released in March 2016, WhatsApp allows new formatting options. Now you can select any part of your text and mark it with a bold or italic font.

Let's Play With Fonts

Why do you need that? Maybe to emphasize some keywords without CAPSLOCK or _underscoring_. Another possible purpose is pasting fragments of formatted text with original formatting preserved.

You won’t find the formatting buttons line on your screen. You’ll have to put asterisks at the beginning and at the end of selected fragment. To make it italic, you’ll still have to use underscores.

WhatsApp fonts

These notifications are also visible in notification shade bar. When someone sends you a message with this formatting applied, the sender’s name will be displayed with the formatting used in the message.

This update is available only in beta version, but chances are it will roll out in the next massive update. But if you still want to try this new feature from WhatsApp, you may join the testing program for free with no additional conditions and get social!

What are you thoughts on this milestone WhatsApp release? Share it in the comments!

Antonio Neri


Our resident meandering word artist, Antonio surely knows how to spot a good taco. @his_duckness


  • m
    1 year ago
    What a great news! I never thought that I missed this function, but it would be very useful!
  • mk
    miclos korzy
    1 year ago
    I glad to find very useful function, hope that original whatsapp will add this on next version.
  • r
    1 year ago
    That's awesome! Finally I would be able to emphasize words to sound exactly what I sound in my head when I text!
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