​WhatsApp Goes Completely Free, Stays Ad-Free

​WhatsApp Goes Completely Free, Stays Ad-Free on Freepps Top Blog

 Looks like WhatsApp returns to its early days when it was promoted as a free service. Later it announced a yearly fee of $0.99, and this announcement wasn’t withdrawn even after WhatsApp had been bought by Facebook. But still users noticed that the service didn’t insist on paying that hard.

And here’s the news. In 2016, WhatsApp goes free. Completely free. Maybe you didn’t have to pay for some years before and now you don’t see that much change. It may be too loud to call this 99 cent a year a sword of Damocles, but the notion of this possibility kind of poisoned the pleasure of using WhatsApp. And now it’s gone.

And if you suspect WhatsApp of planning ads intervention, just take a deep breath and keep calm. This won’t happen, WhatsApp remains ad-free. Though the project really thinks of becoming an intermediator between businesses and users, but in some other way.

The announcement was published on the official WhatsApp blog on Monday, January 18th, and it states the new WhatsApp policy. The company admits that its take on paid features hasn’t been right. Today the app exists in different versions, and they all have to be updated for removing fees requirements.  The updating process will take several weeks.

We're happy to announce that WhatsApp will no longer charge subscription fees. 

So what’s the way WhatsApp will get its income if it’s not ad support? The company has its own vision of monetizing its global service. The company suggests an innovative form of earning on WhatsApp. As it can be seen now, businesses will open its official WhatsApp chats or pages any user can contact. The subscribers may receive announcements, ads, deals and offers info.

But the main aim is urgent contacting banks, airports, taxi services, IT companies and other businesses for instant help. As WhatsApp claims, the tools are already being tested. In fact, this way of development was predicted by Bloomberg in May 2015, when analysts said WhatsApp could make a perfect B2C communication channel.

Surely the organizations will be the paying side, and simple users can get this feature for free alongside with other WhatsApp features. We think some may appreciate this function as well as P2P texting.

Today, WhatsApp has approximately 1 billion users worldwide, and this number is about to grow on, especially after cancelling fees. This would make it a perfect communicating channel that can help businesses save on call centers and other feedback facilities.

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