WhatsApp Introduces Ultimate Communication Security

WhatsApp Introduces Ultimate Communication Security on Freepps Top Blog

While other companies declare their support to Apple in its clash with FBI, WhatsApp seems the first to turn its face to security-concerned users. 

This Monday, WhatsApp has released an update to its services that encrypts all private communication contents.

It goes out to every type of data transferred between users. Your messages and voice calls, locations, attached documents and pictures, even stickers and emoji will be protected with your unique key stored on your device only, as well as video calls made with Booyah! 

Third-party’s curiosity won’t interfere into this end-to-end encryption, even its own creators, and WhatsApp staff. At least, so WhatsApp creators claim. The security update applies both to private and to group chats.

This feature is not that new and hot, as it wasn’t developed in a hurry before Apple scandal gets forgotten. The security system has been guarding WhatsApp users’ privacy since 2014, but then it only worked on Android.

How would it affect the messaging market? WhatsApp, owned by Facebook now, has already gained an enormous share of about a billion users. Of course, it’s not that linearly distributed: many WhatsApp users are using other messengers at the same time, including:

  • Facebook Messenger;
  • Google Hangouts;
  • Viber;
  • Telegram and others.

But the security issues may have many of them switching to WhatsApp as the primary channel of communication.

The government reaction to this announcement is ambiguous. Still, WhatsApp founders don't intend to bend under law and government's force. They highlight the significance of confident communication for many users outside the US.

The most interesting part of the story may begin when other messengers, not based in the US, will have to react. We’ll keep tracking the events.

What's your take on mobile privacy? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • n
    5 years ago
    Oh, finally there is at least the hope emerged that no one will be able to read all the secret sfuff we exchange :)
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