Where to Find The Bat Statue in Fortnite?

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A dance-challenge week has begun in Fortnite. One of the tests you need to pass is beating the Prestige challenge, as a part of the Boogie Down mission. However, some fortniters have a hard time locating the Bat Statue. We'll show you where to find it.

Welcome to the Cemetery

To complete the Prestige challenge you are to dance in front of:

  1. Seat for Giants.
  2. Above-ground pool.
  3. The Bat Statue.

The Bat Statue screenshot

Remember: all should be done during one match. The Bat Statue is located in the Haunted Hills. Once you make it there, go to the necropolis — it is on the west side of the map. There you will see a grim crypt-like building and next to it a grave with the Bat Statue on it. 

The graveyard is the farthest area, compared to the other two. And since you need to do all three choreography pieces in a single game, you might use a hoverboard or any other vehicle. Beating the Boogie Down mission rewards you with:

  • Extra Battle stars,
  • 5,000 XP,
  • DJ Yonder emoticon,
  • SC3PT3R Pickaxe, etc.

map screen

Dance Till You Drop

Hurry up to beat the Boogie Down mission — it will expire soon. If you have any tips/lifehacks on how to beat the Prestige Challenge efficiently, please drop some knowledge in the comments!

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