Who’s Down from Google Is a Cool Meet-Up Application

Who’s Down from Google Is a Cool Meet-Up Application on Freepps Top Blog
Google has just released an app called “Who’s Down”. Now, it’s just a beta version of a standalone tool which aims at making offline communication with your peers and schoolmates easier. The idea is pretty simple as well as the app’s design - with only one sliding button, actually. 

Why Do We Need It 

Who’s Down is a social invite-only application that allows you to inform others that you have a free time slot and you’re ready to go somewhere and hang out there. Besides, a user may take the initiative and invite his friends to the party or anywhere else - an activity may be picked from a list of the offered ones. Of course, you may call a couple of your friends or send them a group message to get to know whether they are ready to meet and to chat a little, but the app offers a quicker way for this purpose. 
Simple and Intuitive Design of Whos Down
There wasn’t a lot of noise around this release; however, Who’s Down may be already downloaded for free from the Store. In fact, the app is not available for Android devices only, but for iOS also. So, a great majority of teens have an opportunity to try using it now. As far as one has to enter his/her school name for registration, it becomes obvious that the youth is the main target audience. 


At the present moment, it’s not clear how Who’s Down will cope with its rivals such as What’sApp or Messenger, which are far more popular with a large number of permanent users. Furthermore, one needs an email invitation to join the community, so it will most likely take time to attract many people. Taking into consideration the company’s experience with Google+ network, it will be interesting to watch over the fate of this application

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  • s
    6 years ago
    Cool thing. My colleagues and friends can always be aware of my free time. I can know when I can call a friend to hang out together. great
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