Why is IMO messenger so popular?

Why is IMO messenger so popular? on Freepps Top Blog

Communication is easy

Easier than WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Viber. Lightweight and easy to master. IMO Messenger is one of the most popular messaging services in the world. For example, in the USA it's in the Top 50 of the most popular Android and iOS apps, with 150+ million users worldwide.

What’s the reason this app enjoys such popularity? Yes, it seems to be its simplicity. From combining all you might ever need, the developers jumped to the opposite idea: offering only necessary features. So you can send text, audio or video messages, speak with voice or have a video chat, log in with your phone number and have your contacts imported automatically. There are private chats and chat rooms. What else should be there?

A bit of history

If you discovered messaging apps before iPhone era, you must remember that strange zoo of messengers popular all over the world. Jabber and ICQ, MSN and Yahoo!, Skype and Facebook — each of them required its own app or at least a browser tab, each account with its login, password and even contact list. Thus users demanded aggregation services that could combine all of these into one app. You may remember Nimbuzz, QIP, Trillian, and, yes, IMO.im among them.

That’s exactly what IMO chat did back in 2013 and before. In 2014, when the world needed reconsidering, the developers based in Palo Alto gave up third-party messengers support and concentrated on their own product. Of course, this decision was controversial, but, as it showed later, the refusal was worth it.

IMO of 2017

It seems now that IMO Messenger has inherited its popularity from its predecessor of the same name. Now, as we can see, IMO is rather a version of WhatsApp or Telegram than an aggregator, but the reputation it has gained through all its years still works for it.

The service suggests you two options: stable app or a beta version with all the freshest updates being tested in real practice. The first option causes much fewer issues, but beta receives all the new features first.

In fact, these two IMO apps are very similar in their features, unless a significant update is being tested in beta before appearing in a stable version.

Do I need IMO?

Choosing your messenger depends on some variables:

  • Where are most of your contacts? It’s better to join the most popular service in your environment to enjoy free voice and video calls. Using IMO video calling app is great if your family, friends or colleagues also do.
  • Is this simplicity you need? WhatsApp or Facebook seem to provide many more features, but they’re mostly secondary. IMO offers you unlimited texting, voice, and video communication with history stored on its servers. If you need no extras like built-in games or sticker sets, IMO will satisfy your demands.
  • Will your phone run it? Of course, if you use a flagship model of 2016, the question seems ridiculous. But even 2014 middle-class devices still are powerful enough to run this app along with all you need. The app will push the incoming messages or calls to you up from the background. This only matters if your smartphone runs out of its performance or memory.
  • Is it secure enough? If you’re concerned about it, you’d rather use a service with end-to-end encryption, like Telegram, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. And, in fact, it’s the only reason not to prefer IMO to all of those.

Anyway, it’s worth trying, as the service is free, not overloaded with ads, and not requiring much power.

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