Will Call of Duty Mobile Receive Zombie Mode? We Have the Date!

Will Call of Duty Mobile Receive Zombie Mode? We Have the Date! on Freepps Top Blog

Halloween is the perfect time for zombie dreams coming true – now in Call of Duty Mobile! Though the CoD series has always been about human wars, it’s become a tradition to add zombie modes to it, so anyone can play it, and nobody’s feelings get hurt. The mobile installment seemed to skip it, but now it looks like a part of a longer plan.

This mode has always been controversial: some consider it too shy for a war game that has no remorse, and others find it a special sort of fun. The latter were disappointed with having not a single zombie in Call of Duty Mobile, released early in October. But now it’s about to change.

Call of Duty Mobile Helloween

Leaking Is Believing

We could easily believe that Activision decided to skip this mode in this multiplayer-based version. But suddenly, we have received a confirmation from a well-known streamer @SpyrexYT. The videos by @SpyrexYT posted on YouTube and shared on Twitter show the new mode in action.

The zombies themselves are sort of interesting. It’s like the pack of final bosses of levels and a punch machine. Some of them look quite familiar. Not only do the videos show the zombie, but also demonstrate the maps the action takes place on. They are probably transferred from Black Ops 2.

More Evidence

Along with @SpyrexYT, there are other confirmations that the game is to receive zombie content soon. Reddit users have published and discussed some prestige ranks that have something to do with zombie mode.

It seems logical that Call of Duty: Mobile will receive its update with the living dead right on Halloween when the date is the most suitable. So stay tuned today: the moment may come at every time.

Probably you will have to download the updated version of the app from App Store or Google Play Market like it happens with other updates. If so, the game will refuse to start until the update is complete.

If it’s not out today, then we’ll have to wait longer. After all, zombie mode is not a Halloween gimmick for Call of Duty, but a long-supported tradition. Activision doesn’t need a special reason to introduce this mode; neither do fans.

Are you expecting this mode? Are zombies really necessary in war games? Are they more fun to shoot than opponents in multiplayer? Come on and drop a comment to share!

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