Word Flow For iOS To Ease Your Typing

Word Flow For iOS To Ease Your Typing on Freepps Top Blog

It's been less than a month since Microsoft released it's Hub keyboard for iOS devices, yet it seems like one keyboard isn't enough for Redmond.

The latest addition to the iOS typing lineup is the Word Flow keyboard, which is branded as a one-handed product for users who love typing while walking on separate texting lanes

Just like their WP counterparts, iOS-bound Word Flow users can perform fun tricks like tapping and swiping, and it's sometimes significantly faster than traditional methods.

One-hand typingKeyboard customization

The Arc mode, which is essentially a one-handed feature, turns the keyboard into a semi-circle - hence the Arc, we guess - and moves it to the lower corner of the screen, thus making it much more comfortable to type on. 

Word Flow is helpful to daily commuters and public transportation fans.

Additionally, the Arc improves the grip on your device and decreases the chances of it slipping out of your palm. It’ll surely be helpful to daily commuters and public transportation fans.

Another option that will give a chance to really stand out of the crowd and change the tedious stock looks by changing the keyboard's color and replacing or adding a background image.

What’s Your Type?

If you're not a diehard Autocorrect fan, giving Word Flow a go sounds like a reasonable choice. You can get the app by clicking on the link below.

Have you already tried Word Flow? Share your experience in the comments!


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