Wunderlist for Android now tastes Marshmallow

Wunderlist for Android now tastes Marshmallow on Freepps Top Blog
As Android Marshmallow has been released, popular apps get updated to cater to its style and features. Wunderlist, a task management service owned by Microsoft, updated its Android application recently. The functionality remains mostly the same. But now the app looks even more “material”.
The background image dominates the screen as you enter the service. There’s still not much to catch your eye but the most useful interface elements. The quick floating button is inevitable in Marshmallow-styled apps, so it appears in Wunderlist and helps you to add new tasks easily.
There’s even more: access is redistributed within Android so you don’t even have to start the app to add a new task. This option is available directly from the notifications bar. All you need is to allow the “Add to Wunderlist” button to appear there.
One of the most innovative Marshmallow’s features - yes, we mean Now on Tap - works in Wunderlist now. Just long-press the item from your list and let Google do the work. But even if your device is still waiting for its 6.0 update the new Wunderlist will suit your needs better.
Nadella’s Microsoft shows its eagerness to play by other companies’ rules and eventually win. Wunderlist’s new appearance is rather Android- than Wunderlist-styled. But that’s what makes this service so intuitive, easy and attractive.


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  • c
    6 years ago
    Very useful app and now it is also smart-looking. It's exactly what you need for fast and pleasant work.
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