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Email has once been the best way of communication via the Internet. Now its importance shifted; messengers are better suited for short texting, and sharing big files is easier with cloud storage services. But email still rules as the method of business correspondence or your general Internet ID. Email experience can be even better with Yahoo, a company that was once considered doomed, but now is back in the saddle. Its web services and mobile apps offer the best ways of using email. Here are some Yahoo mail tips; some of them are generic, and some are specific for Yahoo with its unique solutions.

Though Yahoo sometimes experiences troubles, it’s still among the biggest mail providers, along with Google and Microsoft. Its approach to mail has changed significantly.

Okay, it’s up to you whether you’d rather put up with ads or pay. If you are using Yahoo, like 100 million other people, here are some tips on how to benefit from the company’s unique solutions. Some of them may seem obvious; some are really deeply hidden, and even hard to guess they are here unless you unwillingly run into them and notice.

Use Conversation Mode in Mobile App

While conversation mode seems so obvious now for SMS and email, I still can’t forget what a revelation it was to see the first iPhones with conversation mode introduced in the SMS client. The experience was completely different from what I had on Nokia or Motorola.

The same is with email. Conversation mode works great when you have a long chain of emails, constantly answering and replying to each other.

Connect Yahoo to Your Mail App on Desktop

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It’s 2019, my friends. System contact books leave you no necessity to have standalone ones for select mail services. But even the addresses you didn’t save will be auto-suggested when you start typing them in. Besides that, Yahoo uses AI to analyze your preferences, manners, ways; don’t be afraid, because they all do. So it helps you by suggesting the address that has been mentioned even once in your conversations. Yahoo mail log-in usually takes no effort; say, in Windows Mail you just need to select Yahoo instead of entering the servers manually.

Connect Other Mail Services to Yahoo App

While there is no dedicated Yahoo app on desktop platforms, and you have to enter Yahoo credentials into third-party apps, it’s just the opposite on mobiles. Yahoo Mail app lets you connect your Gmail,, or AOL accounts as well. The boxes will be accessed separately, and the contents of them will not be confused. Yet you can search throughout all of them and receive notifications via Yahoo Mail when a letter hits any of them.

Set Up Swipe Actions on Mobile Devices

On both Android and iOS, you can assign quick actions to left and right swipes. With this simple gesture you can delete an email, archive it, mark as read or unread, star or unstar, report it as spam, or move to another folder. These actions simplify handling large lists or emails; and, applicable on any platform, they won’t make you relearn if you switch.

Install It on Tablet if Available

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If you have a tablet and you have long conversations via email, you better install the app on your tablet too. Even if it doesn’t have an LTE module, and you often visit places with no Wi-Fi, you better use your phone as a hotspot. Reading emails on the larger screen means better understanding. And if this isn’t an issue, tablet experience has no cons, only pros.

Search through All the Archived Letters

Even if you’re a free user, you still get 1.000 GB for your mail. So you better archive your letters than delete them, if you have even a shadow of a doubt. Archived letters won’t bother you or appear in your inbox, but they can be processed when you search for certain text. If one of them contains what you need, you’ll be thankful for the archiving feature.

Use Photos or Documents View

If you get lots of emails with photos attached, no wonder if you get lost in them. One of the most useful Yahoo Mail search tips is based on its “Photos” feature. Select “Photos” or “Documents” in the menu column on the left, and browse through all the photos or docs attached. Only the letters with the selected type of attachments are displayed, and you can browse through them within each letter; on the desktop you can browse throughout all the photos, regardless of what they are attached to. It can save you a lot of time. The feature is available in both mobile apps and web view.

Explore Travel Mode in Mobile Apps

When you book a suite or an apartment, purchase a ticket, book a flight or a train, you usually receive an email with a confirmation. Yahoo Mail can recognize and process anything about traveling. Mobile apps have a dedicated section with your bookings, tickets, boarding passes, and all the stuff. Having them all in one place will make it easier to find the pass you need and display it, say, for code scanning.

Use the Filters, Luke!

When you have used your mailbox for some time, it inevitably attracts spammers. You suddenly get messages that made it through the automatic filter. Luckily, you can always add these senders to spam. More than that, you can teach the filter to spam any letter with a certain text or from addresses containing certain phrases. That’s also the way to ban unwanted correspondents directly.

Read the Deals

When you get listed by some online shop or retail store chain, you will necessarily be bombed with advertising letters. Sometimes they are good, though, especially when they offer you deals or discounts. These emails are stored in a special section named “Deals”. Though it’s not the one that you open by default, you better check it sometimes; it may save you some money. Maybe you will even want to spend them on a paid subscription.

Connect Clouds

Dropbox mobile screenshot

Along with Gmail account, you can also connect Google Drive and Dropbox accounts to your Yahoo Mail. If you need to share something big, you don’t have to send it via email: just share the link to certain files or folders. The receivers will get direct links, and you’ll need to grant them access if necessary.

Built-in Calendar

If you need to create an event based on email, you can use Yahoo Calendar right from the mail. It’s only active on the web version, but it can be useful. Especially when Yahoo finally rolls out calendar apps, or integrates the calendar into the mail app, the way it’s done in Outlook. We wait and we wonder.

Search is Advanced

In the web version, click the arrow in the right part of the search field, and you’ll enter options of search. You can search for sender, text fragment on the body of the letter, in topics, with keywords, among emails with attached photos or documents. On mobile devices you can narrow your search too; besides that, your latest searches story is saved, and they are displayed the way see in web search systems (in fact, Yahoo is one too).

More to Come

Yahoo services are evolving quickly, introducing new elements and ditching old that turn out unnecessary. Maybe this review will get obsolete in a year or two, when Yahoo completely revamps its mail too. But we hope the changes will only be for the better: for example, it will introduce smartwatch companion apps, or integrate the calendar. And then we’ll gladly update this article with new tips.

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