Yelp Helps To Avoid Restaurant Lines

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There are few things more annoying than waiting for your favorite food when you’re hungry. If your favorite restaurant doesn’t offer reservations and you have to wait half an hour in line to get in, you will be thrilled to hear about the update coming to Yelp.

How will a new feature improve the situation?

Yelp Will Allow You to Stand in Restaurant Lines Virtually

Thanks to the new partnership of Yelp with Nowait, you will now be able to get into a virtual line and put your name on the restaurant list before you go there in person. Nowait is a company based in Pittsburgh, which gives you an opportunity to browse through the lists of restaurants located within 60 miles from where you are. The purpose of Nowait is to inform you when your table is ready after you’ve added yourself to the waitlist. Also, you’re a responsible customer you can even notify the restaurant if you will be late.

The collaboration of Yelp with Nowait is definitely beneficial for both parties. The goal of Nowait is to introduce restaurants to Yelp users, and they also plan on increasing the number of services. When it comes to Yelp, it is likely that more users will be interested in using the application. Currently, restaurant reviews comprise only 18 percent of all the businesses represented in the app, so adding the feature that eliminates waiting in line is a great strategic move.

Are you already a user of Yelp? What are your thoughts on this partnership with Nowait? Feel free to tell us what you think in the comments below!

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