Your Periscope Videos Now Can Live Forever

Your Periscope Videos Now Can Live Forever on Freepps Top Blog

What can be as ephemeral as Snapchat messages? Maybe only Periscope videos that have been supposed to stay around about 24 hours after real-time broadcasting finishes, and then they were removed from the servers. 

But it seems that Periscope has gained enough data facilities to let the videos stay around as long as you wish them to.

Periscope is the embodiment of “here-and-now” digital living, with not a single thought of that eternity ahead, with young blood pulsating in it. 

But as projects grow up they also start thinking of eternal things. Periscope's dealing with the future in its specific way: the broadcast videos are meant to be saved on its servers forever - of course, if the author wants it.

Now the feature is being tested, its status is “open beta”. So any Periscope user can store his/her video for indefinite (or even infinite) time. 

All it takes is putting the “#save” hashtag into the video’s title. The video you have recorded will stay available for viewing as long as the service itself is alive.

Periscope video broadcasting

The news has been broadcast by Periscope’s CEO Kayvon Beykpour.

As the feature grows from beta into the full feature, the hashtag won’t be necessary. 

And yes, you can delete it manually any time you wish to. But if your video brings any sort of scandal, chances are it will be saved by other users. Though isn’t it so now, with Katch that has been forecast to disappear?

Does that mean that Periscope is switching from real-time communication to content generating and storing? Yes, it’s all about that. 

Celebrities with their Periscope channels are probably the first to test this feature, and their fans will watch and share videos even long after they were recorded. 

After popular video bloggers, the rest will probably come to it. So long term video storage will gain more popularity but stay as alive as Periscope initially was meant to.

The above-mentioned Snapchat has also experienced a similar change, with gradual switching from real time self-destructing messages to stored content. 

It seems that carpe diem and ars longa make no contradiction in this world.

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