YouTube App Now Uses AI to Bring Better Video Recommendations

YouTube App Now Uses AI to Bring Better Video Recommendations on Freepps Top Blog

If you are a regular user of the YouTube app, you can expect to enjoy improved video recommendations in your favorite application. 

Now leaving YouTube and getting back to work will probably become even more difficult.

How will we get better video recommendations?

According to the blog post regarding the update, a new recommendation system will be able to automatically find patterns in the types of videos you watch, and it will continue to improve the suggestions over time. 

Obviously, the goal of the update is to make you stay on the website for as long as possible, but the users will also benefit from the enhanced recommendations system. When it comes to design, the users will see larger photos of the content creators, which will make it easier to identify the channels.

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In addition to the mentioned features, Google also plans on introducing six-second ads before the YouTube videos, and you will be able to see them on your mobile devices. 

At the moment, the ads that you get on YouTube are a lot longer, but you have a chance to skip them. On such short ads, there will be no skip button. 

A number of companies already want to make use of the new format, including Atlantic Records and Audi Germany.

What do you think of the new update? Tell us about your experience with the new recommendations system. If you get any questions, leave them in the comments.    

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