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YouTube Connect App To Get You Streaming on Freepps Top Blog

As if there were not enough streaming apps for everyone, Google once again sees the market as uncharted territory and decides to go for a land grab.

A new app, derived from YouTube and so far called YouTube Connect is reportedly being worked on both for Android and iOS.

Seen as an answer to Periscope, Facebook Live, and, to some extent, Meerkat, the app will allow users to start streaming immediately should they need it, anywhere they are.

Get Connected

While this may seem like a proper answer for Mountain View, it's barely groundbreaking to say that the competitors offer the same range of options, so YouTube Connect better have a kicker.

The good thing about the coming app is that you don't have to create yet another user profile that will occupy a special place in your inbox along with hundreds of other signup forms. Being a Google product, Connect will let you log in with your Google and YouTube accounts and get streaming, right away.

Other options the app is expected to provide include:

  • chatting;
  • tagging;
  • viewing your friends' news feed;
  • managing your subscribed-to channels.

While Connect is positioned as a new move for YouTube, like Periscope was for Twitter,the trick was up their sleeve for a while now as live streaming for channels dates back to 2013, and it's a focus in the dedicated YouTube Gaming app.

Let's all hope the app will be more successful than Google Plus and that we will soon get another great addition to the host of streaming apps.

Excited about this app? Let us know what you're thinking in the comments below!

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  • b
    5 years ago
    Livestreaming is the future of the Internet! Since you can lifestream from your smartphone a lot of people can share your emotions and experience! I bet this youtube app would be more popular than periscope.
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  • t
    5 years ago
    I'm subscribed to many vloggers on Youtube, and I think this new app would open a lot of new apportunities for them and for their viewers!
  • А
    5 years ago
    Periscope is more popular than Youtube now, this app must be knockout answer from video giant.
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