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YouTube Gaming App Expands Geography on Freepps Top Blog

Google is pushing on with its YouTube gaming app, expanding to 4 more countries.

Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland are the next lucky countries to receive the app.

The reach is promised to expand further beyond these countries with more locations coming soon both for iOS and Android.

YouTube gaming is what Google has to say about games livestreaming, with Amazon's Twitch as its closest competitor. The latter has firmly established its control over the market and Google is clearly looking to bite a bigger slice of the pie with these apps. 

To do this, the company has to go beyond their two-country limitations and, just like the YouTube gaming website, push their apps worldwide.

YouTube Gaming AppYouTube Gaming App

The updated app looks like it's quite capable of conquering some turf. It looks sleek, polished and geared toward live action. The navigation is as simple as it gets, with favorite tabs right in front of the users and there's no need to scroll to find what you need - thus, the sidebar in the menu is gone.

At any given moment, there's a live streaming event going on, and you can jump right onto is with a simple click.

If you're using Android, you get a sweet little addition. The pop-up window, similar to what you get when you drag the video down in YouTube app, will be displayed over other apps to keep you informed. Other perks include videos at 60 frames per second to give you the immersive feeling of presence, and a DVR mode which gives you the opportunity to rewind streams, but no TiVo so far.

With its simple build and deep integration with Android, YouTube gaming has the edge over Twitch as one doesn't need to get separate SDK's or special apps to make smartphone livestreaming possible. Your microphone and the front camera is all you need.

Were you lucky enough to already get the app? Like it or hate it? Share it in the comments!

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  • H
    5 years ago
    YouTube Gaming a good application to view live broadcasts and chat in the chat during the Stream.
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  • SI
    Senor Ibanez
    5 years ago
    It is a pity that they do not think about the Mexican sector of the market :С I wish I had an opportunity to use it in my country.
  • J
    5 years ago
    WOW, that's gonna be a cool one app i think. If i'm quite right that's gonna be similar app as steam in some cases maybe. I think gonna use it once and tell my friends to follow me.
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