YouTube Introduces In-App Messaging

YouTube Introduces In-App Messaging on Freepps Top Blog

No more posting videos on your page if you only want to share it with someone certain. No more manual copying links and waiting until the recipient responses in a WhatsApp or Facebook conversation

It’s getting easy like never before: YouTube introduces its own messaging system within Android and iOS apps.

The messenger is based on general Google Contacts service, so you won’t have to use third-party apps to send videos to someone who’s already there. 

Youtube native messaging feature

You can select a single contact or the whole group to send the video to. The Send button appears in the right lower corner and looks quite conventional, so it won’t take long to find where to compose your messages.

Your YouTube conversations will be available in a special tab you can view all the dialogues. Of course, the app will notify you when the response comes or when someone shares a video to you. 

Like in any other messenger, you can also add extras pics, links, emoji and any volumes of text.

The messaging feature is rolling out gradually. Now it’s just being tested, some chosen ones have already received the update and a chance to invite their friends to test the innovation. We’re sure the feature will roll out worldwide sooner than you may think.

This step in the integration of videos and direct messaging looks quite logical in our time of global media integration. Almost any messenger now lets you send videos, but YouTube in the game makes the competition harder and users’ life easier.

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