YouTube TV Experiences Buffering Issues on Spectrum Internet

YouTube TV Experiences Buffering Issues on Spectrum Internet on Freepps Top Blog

There are few experiences so frustrating as too long buffering when you’re watching a video on YouTube. This problem is much more common than it seems, and it shows even on quite a decent connection. The matter is Spectrum.

The Issue

Since November 22, YouTube TV support received multiple complaints about issues with buffering that takes unusually long. Most of these complaints came from users that used Spectrum Internet. It turned out to be the source of the problem.

 There were other factors, but they didn’t matter much. For example, the problem had been reported for various devices, including desktops when using YouTube TV with the web interface, as well as boxes like Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, or Roku. Mobile devices, using data mostly over LTE, experienced this problem rarely or never at all.

What to Do?

So far, if you’re on Spectrum, all you can do is wait (and check your mobile data plan frequently in the app). There is no solution on the user side for that issue so far. The issue affects customers of Spectrum/Charter, and it’s only TCP traffic that suffers from it. YouTube team is taking an investigation, together with Spectrum staff, 

Not accusing Spectrum of being the SPECTRE, or offering other conspiracy theories, we assure the users that the issue is purely technical. That means the solution can be found, and soon it may be presented to fix the problem.

 This isn’t the first time this problem appears. Similar issues were reported, for example, in December 2016, when YouTube TV users also complained about unusually long buffering of YouTube streams via Spectrum Internet. That time the problem was successfully fixed. We hope this time this won’t take long either.

 Have you got under that wheel? If yes, how did you find a way out? Or did you just quit your YouTube adventures? Share your experience and drop a comment if you have something to say.

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