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Agario Review: Back To Basics Review

All the authors that work on this project are required to follow our guidelines. To make the most out of the game testing process, our authors launch it on various smartphones and tablets with not only the latest OS', but also the previous ones. is a PvP focused action game where players battle for survival against a large number of other players, which gives it some MMO elements; the idea behind the game is rather basic. Players must consume smaller cells and survive for as long as possible by avoiding larger players.

Despite being so plain, there is a strong competitive element to the game but the mobile version of the game does lack some features seen in the PC version. It was first released on PC as a browser game in 2015, but quickly became popular and was released on the Steam client and also mobile devices.

Graphics 6/10
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The graphics in this version of is identical to the the original PC game which should mean the game feels familiar to experienced players of the game; it uses minimalist cartoon-style graphics with few details.

Each player is a round cell which needs to collect the various smaller cells around the arena in order to grow in size; every cell in the game is a variety of colors which stand out of the white grid-based background. It's clear-cut what cells are players and it's possible to wear a special 'skin' for the cell which makes it more unique, these skins can be unlocked by leveling up or by purchasing them using premium currency.

There are dangerous spiky 'bushes' randomly spawned around the server and are relatively obvious; these are used by smaller cells to hide in to avoid large cells but can also be used to cause larger cells to 'explode' into various smaller cells.

While the graphics are attractive, there is nothing special about the visuals for the game.

Gameplay 8/10 is not a complicated game; it features manageable gameplay where the player controls their small cell with the intention of growing them into the largest one on the server. This is done by consuming the continuously spawning cells that appear around the arena.

In addition to the unmoving cells, players can also consume other users in the game if their target is smaller; consuming another player cell will add their matter to the consumer and increases their size by the same amount.

Most of the 'combat' in the game is focused around consuming other player cells by outmaneuvering them but having a strategy is also imperative; players are able to split their cell size in half which launches the other half a small distance. Doing so allows the player to quickly consume and escape the enemy cell. Splitting the main cells can be done many times but this makes the cells smaller and vulnerable to attack by other players; the overall mass is counted towards total size but splitting so much makes it easier for enemies to attack and consume the player.

Other players are not always a danger, many players will form 'teams' with each other for protection and support at all points in the game. Most players will show they wish to team with another person by shooting a small mass ball at the other player. This mass ball cannot be controlled and ca be consumed by any player in the game. While is the 'universal' method of forming a team, there are some players who will use to encourage players to enter their attack zone to be consumed.

Shooting a piece of mass can also be used as a method of attack or defense; various spike bushes spawn around the map which will cause large cells to explode into various small cells if they consume it. Smaller cells can also hide inside of them and will not be harmed if they touch them. It's possible to cause these dangerous items to the player's advantage by causing the spike bush to explode by feeding them mass; when they explode, they separate into various smaller versions which are spread across a small area.

If the player can survive for long enough then it's possible to grow large enough to be placed on the server scoreboard; the scoreboard displays the top 5 cells on the server and is constantly changing. There is no reward for reaching this level but it does mean the player is one of the largest cells on the server.

There are two gamemodes available for mobile players of the game; the first classic mode follows the same rules as the PC game where there is no winner in a continuous battle. The second mode is "Rush" where players have five minutes to become as large as possible, at the end of the timer, the largest cell on the server wins. This mode is almost identical to the classic mode expect, players can respawn in the same server and can see their position on the scoreboard regardless of where they are.

Controls 5/10

The controls are easily the weakest point in the game; transferring to mobile means that the game needs to work with touchscreen control method.

Players control the direction of their cell by dragging their finger across the screen which mean part of the screen will be blocked for most of the game; the player needs to place their finger in the direction that they wish to move which makes it possible to accidentally get eaten by another player. There are options in the settings to makes this slightly less of a problem, it's possible to allow the cell to keep moving in a set direction without the player touching the screen.

There are also several on-screen buttons players can use to split their cell or to eject a small piece of mass; players can find the server scoreboard hidden in a drop down menu at the top of the screen.

Experienced mobile gamers should be able to get used to these controls relatively quickly but other gamers will struggle; at a small size, the player moves much faster which can make dodging enemies even more difficult.

Being an exclusive online game, there are issues with the server connections and lag is common; lag in a game such as this usually results in death and can make controlling the cell awkward.

Replay Value 6/10

Online games usually offer players a nice replay value and is no exception to this; playing against other players does mean that every game is different and interesting but the gameplay remains the same each time. There are two game modes to select from and they both feature the same gameplay which doesn't add any variation to the game.

The gameplay can become monotonous in which limits the amount of time a player can play the game for. Despite the allowance of competitive gameplay, this is a casual game so there is limited replay value in this aspect also.

The Bottom Line brings the popular PC gameplay to mobile devices and it works almost as well as the original game. Players take control of a cell in a petri dish styled arena with the aim of growing and becoming the biggest cell on the server; this free-to-play game is entirely online based and requires a Wi-Fi connection. The combination of simple gameplay mechanics and lighthearted skins makes this a casual game at heart but it also provides room for players to be more competitive if they wish.

Being so simple makes the game suitable for all ages, however, the awkward controls will make moving from the PC version to a mobile device a difficult process. It doesn't take long to get used to the new controls but for people who are easily frustrated, it may just be better to stick the PC version.


Conclusion is a nice casual game to play in short bursts but it is very repetitive; the two game modes featured in the mobile version use the exact same gameplay which means it can get dull relatively quickly.

Pros : Casual and lighthearted game;
Simple gameplay.

Cons : Controls are awkward and can be slow to react when moving at high speeds;
Plagued with lag and connection issues.

Graphics 3

Gameplay 4

Controls 2.5

Replay Value 3

Average : 3.1


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