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  • Version: 1.0.1031
  • Compatibility: 4.1 and up
  • Author: ZuoMasterDeveloper
  • Content rating: TeenViolence
  • Package name:
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Creative Destruction:  A fun alternative to Fortnite Review

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Creative Destruction is a sandbox action game similar to Fortnite. It’s also a battle-royal genre with cartoonish graphics. You can download Creative Destruction for Android in the Play Market at no charge.

Graphics 4.5/5
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The graphics are smooth and colorful. They really give a nice touch of individuality to Creative Destruction. Also, they are comparable with the quality level of PC and consoles. Yet the experience might get slow, especially if your Android device is not brand new. All possible character customization looks quite amazing with this cartoonish graphics. In many Creative Destruction reviews, people mention that they prefer CD over Fortnite mostly because of the graphics.

Gameplay 5/5

You’ve been thrown out of a helicopter, and now your main goal is to survive in a large map filled with the foes. The map shrinks over time. The situation gets more dangerous. There’s nothing new in it, just a typical battle royal game.

However, Creative Destruction is not mediocre. The tutorial does its job very well, explaining even unobvious details. You can choose from various weapons that are very difficult to run out of ammo. There’s an option to build bastions to defend oneself. But there’s another way to survive: running across the map, looting the chests with superior weapons and killing enemies.

To be honest, the map on the CD is huge for mobile devices. You’re insured to experience the whole level of immersion. Also, there is an in-game shop where you can buy skins for weapons, characters and some other cosmetics. It doesn’t really affect the game though. You can join the guild and unlock new options of playing the game changing the default strategy.

Controls 4.5/5

The controls might get a little confusing when you first entered the game. The game screen is packed with buttons and choices. But don’t fret. You’re going to get used to it very soon. The control system is your usual one. You’re provided with two virtual ‘joysticks’. The left is responsible for navigation. The right is for the camera and changing view from 3rd to 1st person perspective.

Replay Value 5/5

The replay potential of Creative Destruction is very high. It’s possible to make each run different because the action is dependent on a player’s choice. So you get a new story if you have changed the directions even a little bit. Also, the game allows you to break or build every item, doesn’t it mean a limitless opportunity to get creative and play again and again?

The Bottom Line

We highly recommend you to go and download Creative Destruction on your Android device. The game is quick to understand, fun to play and costs nothing. The sound and graphics are absolutely amazing. More importantly, the CD is very well optimized for mobile devices, consumes little space and the phone’s resources.



If you’re up to an adventure and want to try something new in the popular battle royal genre, check Creative Destruction out.

Pros : free;
plenty of events for the players;
detailed customization of characters;
multiple game modes

Cons : gameplay may seem too repetitive;
dropping FPS from time to time

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 5.0

Controls 4.5

Replay Value 5.0

Average : 4.8

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  • Where can I download Creative Destruction game for mobile?

    You can download the mobile version of Creative Destruction from official app stores. You will find Creative Destruction for iOS devices on iTunes and for Android on Google Play store. You may also download the app from the official Creative Destruction website.

  • Where can I find Creative Destruction play online mode?

    This game is online multiplayer. You will have to play online. You will be able to download the game from official app stores or the game’s website.

  • Is there a Creative Destruction Windows or Mac version?

    Yes, Creative Destruction game is available for Windows and Mac platforms on PC. You can download it from Creative Destruction website or Steam store.

  • How can I download Creative Destruction iOS version?

    Creative Destruction iOS game is available on the iTunes store for free. It requires 9.0 iOS system or later. The game takes 2.4 GB of free space on your phone. Make sure you have it. The game is compatible with iPad and iPod touch.

  • What are the requirements for Creative Destruction apk?

    Creative Destruction apk for Android is available on Google Play store, which may already be installed on your phone. If you don’t want to search for the game via the app store, simply press the Get App button on this page and you will be linked directly with Creative Destruction on Google Play. The game needs 4.1 Android system or higher. It takes 34M of space to start downloading.

  • What websites can I use to start Creative Destruction install?

    We recommend you to use only official stores or original Creative Destruction website, where you will find Mac and Windows versions of the game for your PC. The game is free, so you don’t have to look for free copies on unknown sources.

  • Do I need to use torrents for Creative Destruction free download?

    No, Creative Destruction is free in general. You don’t have to pay for downloading the game from app stores or its website. So, if someone offers to sell the game, don’t trust it.

  • Is Creative Destruction free completely?

    Yes, the game is free. However, it offers in-app purchases, which may ease your life inside the game and helps you to reach higher levels. For example, you can buy 1280Diamond for $19.99 or 1980Diamond for $29.99. There are Weekly Pas that costs $0.99 and Monthly Pass for $4.99.

  • Can I start Creative Destruction download process here?

    This website does not sell or offer for free any apps or games. But, we can link you with the page of the Creative Destruction game directly on the app store. Press the Get App button and you will be transferred to the store.

  • What if Creative Destruction not working?

    If Creative Destruction does not work, don’t panic. Check your Wi-Fi connection, check your phone battery charge. You can clean the cash on your phone and reload it. Close and open the game. If nothing helps, contact the support team of the game.

  • Where can I find Creative Destruction latest version?

    You will find the latest version of Creative Destruction on the same page of the store where you have downloaded the previous one. Once the new version released, you are able to update yours on your device.


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