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  • Last update: 10 months ago
  • Version: 1.01
  • Size: 53.8 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Author: Rocketcat LLC
  • Content rating: Rated 12+ for the following:
  • Languages: English
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Death Road to Canada

Death Road to Canada is a road trip action RPG where you have to manage a group of folks as they explore cities and face up to 500 zombies at once. It’s filled with great humor and plenty of randomized locations, events, skills, and weird survivor personalities like a super-bodybuilder who can pick up and throw the car, and the dog, which can be taught how to walk and shoot a minigun.

If you are looking for comparisons, think of Death Road to Canada as the mix of “The Walking Dead” and “Oregon Trail.”

Graphics 5/5

Death Road to Canada features a retro pixelated art style, which serves as a nice homage to classic games. Even though it has such an old-school graphics, developers have managed to pack in a lot of cool details — from

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the myriad of walking undead, a variety of buildings and vehicles to the dynamic lighting effects that create a vintage tone of the game.

There is also a character editor for customizing your humans, and all zombies have a unique look. The developers have put much effort to design the potential undead and living characters. Animations are smooth and fluid during the game, so there are no lags on compatible devices.

Sometimes you have to read quite a lot when it comes to different scenarios, but the pixel text is easy to read, and the buttons for choosing a line are large enough. There are also some vintage effects like grain, scratches, and glitch on the screen to add to it that old-school aesthetic. However, you can turn them off in the settings if they annoy you.

Death Road to Canada has an awesome chiptune music and fun sound effects which are likely to delight fans of the genre.

Gameplay 4,5/5

Death Road to Canada is a procedurally generated adventure with completely randomized characters, weapons, locations, and events each time you play. It means that the game is never the same, which is refreshing.

The game even has three save slots available in case you have more than one trip going at the same time. Plus, there is a full customization editor if you don’t want to have a random set of crew members during your survival trip.

One thing you will notice from the get-go is the fact that Death Road to Canada is not a serious game, but rather humorous with the over-the-top characters and whimsical tone of the text that describes characters and scenario. However, it’s pretty difficult and hard to get used to at first.

Prior to your trip, you can equip gear on your crew. Each character can hold up three weapons, and it’s better to have different options, which best suit the situation. After you are done looking for supplies in a location, you will need to make your way back to the exit to get your vehicle or travel by foot in case you are out of gas.

On the road, you will see events popping up, which update you on how your crew is doing: how much food and gas are used, the morale status, and their increasing stats. While you always start with two characters in your team, you have the option of recruiting more people along the way. But watch out — not all of them can be trusted.

Controls 3/5

The controls are somewhat tainting. Most of the game is done through the dialog screens that describe scenarios, and you just need to tap on a button with the choice you want to make. So the parts where you explore and the battle can get a little annoying with this control scheme. To move, you have to drag your thumb around in the bottom left corner of the screen. You can pick up objects with the action button indicated by the hand icon and located in the bottom right corner. One more button adjacent to the action button allows you to switch to your weapons if the character you are currently controlling has any. To attack, just tap anywhere in the right half of the screen.

The main problem with the controls is that a virtual joystick is not visible. You may often find your thumb drifting to the center of the screen and getting in the way of seeing anything around you. It’s also hard to turn a character around quickly enough to attack something coming up from behind. That led to a lot of deaths in my experience, which was a bit frustrating. The customization doesn’t help as it only adjusts the drag and dead zone for movement, and can swap sides with the attack button.

Controls have to be optimized and get more responsive to make your character react quicker. Because it can be irritating when you fail miserably while zombies chow down on you from behind.

It would also be great to have MFi controller support in Death Road to Canada, as this is the type of game where such controllers would shine.

Replay Value 5/5

With Death Road to Canada, you will have a different story every time you play. There are lots of random variable and several game modes that provide tons of replayability. I would say you can play this game forever, but in this case, you can become a zombie in the real world too.

In-app purchases

Death Road to Canada doesn’t have any in-app purchases, but you will need to pay $7,99 to download it.


Aside from the clunky controls, it’s an enjoyable title that offers challenging gameplay, awesome music and sound effects, and retro pixel graphics that will bring a smile to your face. You will be dying pretty often in this game, but it’s not tiring because each new attempt is a fresh new set of characters and events. And if you love bashing in zombie hordes, then you will definitely have a lot of fun.

The character customization is also fun as you can create new characters to represent your family and friends. Then, they can be awesome team members or eaten by a bunch of zombies.

Death Road to Canada is a fun action RPG you shouldn’t miss especially if you are a fan of “The Oregon Trail” and “The Walking Dead.”



If you want to experience the heady blend of comedy, horror, and slaughter, then Death Road to Canada is an excellent place to do it.

Pros : A fun reimagining of a classic concept;
A lot of random variables and several game modes.

Cons : Clunky controls.

Average :

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  • ot
    orange tree456
    EDIT: developers if you read these I have an amazing idea!!! When you drink too much coffee at the coffee machine and it says: UGH FEEL PUKEY they should actually throw up and reward you with pukeyballs!!!! For all people saying this game is hard, it's isn't!!! I've beaten the game like 10 times, and just today I beat the rare characters EXTREME mode. All of the characters are great, I love rambeaux, horse, and all of the others. Luckily I bought this game when it was cheap, and I has given me countless hours of playtime for a mobile game. The new update is great, but the bigger text effects the ending. Characters who's ending texts are two lines long can cover other characters dialogue. That's the only thing about this game. I also love the randomness and amazing play style. Once you get used to the controls it's easy to maneuver your character. The text events are great, died by eating a bee, got cursed by a WEEGEE BOARD tm, being cornered by an ARMY OF DEATH!!!!! And more!! Ps: buy this game And COOL IT!!! I'm not a DINK!!! Here's a toonie for a double double at timmies And I also found the secret ending to the death road!!! Read on if you want a hint!!!! Always have a stick in your inventory for true despair!! (Sticks can be found in maps with trees. like cabins. Not trader camps though) EDIT: developers if you read these please add a cheevo for getting to Canada with a bug, like if they get spliced with fly DNA through kips science machine, ominous labs or get it through the head swap guy, or to the final map with the pesticide van or even bee man please add that would be cool. Also just wondering how you get the cheevo for rescuing the chicken. I found an egg at a farm and it got in the car after I threw the egg, and a chicken came out. is that how you do it? Cause I didn't get the achivement
  • l
    INITIAL REVIEW: Many, many hours in... Such a wonderful procedurally generated masterpiece. I have my family, in-laws, unappreciative boss, wheezy cousin, Donald Trump, and many more saved as playable characters. The only crying shame of this game is that only my spitefully made Ainslee character made it to C minus 6 days. Just fantastic and a game rivalled only by Imbroglio. HOWEVER... Never use grenades. You will kill your favorite team in a second. I was at the last day with an awesome run and an afternoon of perfect gameplay was ruined. Use the chainsaw instead or even a freakin' cardboard tube. Or nothing. Lionel's morale decreases!!! DUODENUM UPDATE: Danger Rangers mission crashed going into a room entrance... this is turning into gamus interruptus... iPhone 6 AND.... stumbled into an "oh! your buff party all died! ha!" instakill. Not happy at all... it's like playing a sadistic version of Oregon Trail. Previous version's balance was perfect. Last thing that annoys me is ammo hoarding (why is it so tough to pass around a gun with X bullets?) and the occasional inability of lead characters to use things like guns and leaf blowers, even with ammo/gas on hand. Do I need to enable shooting with the lead characters each time I want to shoot ranged weapons? I'm fine with each individual having an amount of gasoline to keep from cheesing leaf blowers and flamethrowers, but if you are presenting a fictional world where dogs can drive, at least match the awesomeness with being able to throw an ammo box or belt! I would (9/22 - NOT) still buy this game despite its flaws. It has provided dozens of hours of entertainment. 9/22: instakilled again on a simple car jump. I had 51 food and 14 medical. Forget this. I'm flipping a coin from now on for all my entertainment purposes.
  • W
    This game never ceases to amaze me. The graphics are grainy which gives a feel like I'm playing a VHS tape. It's modern and retro style characters and customizations are always great. The humor always makes me laugh with it's funny insults, names, and general humor. The general difficulty of this game is really good. Most people complain about it but I believe the difficulty is what gives this game it's replaying abilities. One game of normal mode can easily spiral down into a horrible ending while another give you a chainsaw right off the bat with tons of supplies. Cross platform gameplay on LAN or local play would make this game complete. An idea for the developer: maybe add an endless mode where you can go as long as you can without dying with difficulty increasing continuously. Or an arena mode to fight endless waves of undead. Over all, this game has alway amazed me and will always be one of my favorites. Time for me to COOL IT

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