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GTA 5: Welcome to the corrupt and glamorous reality of the modern world Review

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GTA 5 is a typical action adventure set in once to be a prosperous metropolis, Los Santos. Join the team of three criminals Franklin, Michael and Trevor who have the smart plan for surviving and reaching success. Download GTA 5 and expand your moral boundaries.

Graphics 5/5
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The graphics in the new version of the famous Grand Theft Auto series are truly incredible. And it is understandable considering the cost developers spent on it. And GTA 5 is worth every penny. The attention to small details in the game is fascinating. From the working desks, kitchen decorations to grand explosions, everything looks terrifyingly realistic.

While the map of the GTA world is really impressive and stuffed with all these details, there is no compromise between quality and speed. The most attentive gamers may find few minor issues in texture on the highest speed in the game. And yet, they are really nothing comparing to the scale of the game.

Gameplay 4.5/5

Gamers across the world expected the release of the game so badly, it looked like developers would not be able to meet the expectations. But they did. The game became popular in no time. It has everything in it and even more.

The map of Los Santos, fictional world that rhymes with Los Angeles, looks as real as it is. We can recognize many building and landmarks there. The map shows us the city and desert area, and mountains that surround it. But, don’t worry, the map is big enough to leave some areas completely new for you.

The one and only problem here is the characters. Well, of course, it is a very subjective opinion in this GTA 5 review, but come on… these guys just could not be loved. Yep, they are anti-heroes. We can see that. Franklin is a gangster, Michael is an ex-con, and Trevor is just a serial killer. Who do you want to play with?

The rest of the characters we meet in the city are no more sympathetic as well. Probably it makes easier for us to kill them. In GTA 5 you will have to kill a lot, to steal, and also take part in crazy races in the air, sea and on the land. All the businesses you are offered to run in the game are mostly immoral, from gun trafficking to running the marijuana store. Dirty money gives you an opportunity to invest in properties and live in luxury. Sign up for tennis or golf in your free time visit the target range.

Controls 4.5/5

It is obvious that the controller or keyboard is easier in use than iPhone. So, you may need a lot of practice to navigate quicker and catch with the fast gameplay. Anyway, after you'll learn basics, you'll find out lots of benefits of playing on your phone, like the ability to play GTA 5 everywhere.

Another cool feature in the game is that you can actually control the phone of Trevor, for example. While using your device, connect to his phone, make calls, selfies. It is a nice way to entertain yourself in the game.

Replay Value 5/5

All the missions in GTA are totally replayable, so you can always try a new approach or just enjoy the moments you like the most. The game is challenging and you may want to play it again and again. Exploration of the GTA world is fun, especially when you can try different characters. Each character brings something new into your life. Don’t be upset if you lose the first time, just come back and try again.

The Bottom Line

The GTA games always offered a lot to its players. And GTA 5 is a brilliant example of mind-blowing action mixed with a beautiful picture and realistic slowly-dying city. While the characters are definitely not heroes or even close, they are very believable. You can’t just throw out of your mind the plot, eager to see what will be in the end. The game reveals all your secret wishes and provokes your dark side.




The perfect combination of great views at the background and severe reality of human’s cruel nature, you can receive by downloading GTA 5.

Pros : Great picture
Intriguing story
Different missions that may entertain you
Variety of cars and guns

Cons : Unattractive characters
The game consumes all your time

Graphics 5.0

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 4.5

Replay Value 5.0

Average : 4.8


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    19 hours ago
    El juego está muy guapo
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    2 days ago
    The best game in history
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    Manpreet singh
    3 days ago
    Gta is good game. I been playing it from childhood
  • M
    3 days ago
    Good man. The games good for time pass.
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    3 days ago
    Iwi8wjwjsuxbeis work with a variety
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